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  • kstar kstar Dec 8, 1997 5:32 PM Flag

    yes, the announcements....and the POINT!

    ny good news
    will bring it up nicely. I wouldn't be surprised to see a $5 to $10 gain in the next
    40 days. "

    You said:

    When Apple makes a decent announcement AND the share goes up to the $50s and beyond,
    then the WORLD may change this ugly word called PERCEPTION.


    What I say about announcements:

    AAPL share price is getting close to all time lows $12.75 a share. That is getting close to BOOK!

    AAPL has cut operations to the bone.

    AAPL has a record selling OS.

    AAPL is teetering on the brink of profit.

    AAPL has delivered on the G3s and they seem to be available in quantity, and selling well.

    SO an announcement of a profit is a GOOD thing. If anybody has any idea of how sales are going lately, let us know.

    AND, the announcement of a CEO, be it STeve, or anyone else SHOULD put a keel on this ship, thus boosting confidence. This company needs a vision statement and Steve can't write it if he is the interim leader.

    So, -at this point- PERCEPTION is the AAPL investor's friend (unless your losses are causing margin calls!). Once the perception changes, the ground floor opportunity is lost. IBM and Chrysler made the change in perception. Apple can too.

    An announcement in January of a profit will go A LONG way towards changing perception. And a LONG way towards changing the price of the stock UP!

    We know Apple must find a CEO. Instead of speculating about who that will be, is going to make a profit?

    GO AAPL!


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