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  • stock02 stock02 Aug 27, 1998 1:49 PM Flag

    I missed this Cringley, Did you? (BLS)

    Microsoft's internal view of this, as always, is
    that more cumbersome software sells new hardware which
    sells new software. There is an end to this food chain,
    though, when some righteous
    third-party swoops in with
    a simple and insanely great alternative. I choose
    the words "insanely great" quite deliberately if you
    know what I mean.

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    • "There are certain litmus tests that can be
      applied to the marketing of high
      technology and one
      of the most important is looking at the arguments
      used to
      keep current customers in line. This
      generally goes in three steps. Step one is to
      say bad
      things about competitive technology when you don't,
      yourself, have any
      products that can actually go
      head-to-head. Step two is to say your stuff is just
      as good
      as the competitor's stuff because you finally have a
      release. Note that step two requires the complete
      repudiation of step one, which
      somehow never seems to
      bother Microsoft. Finally step three -- the
      step -- is to say that switching to a competitive
      technology isn't cost-effective.
      It's cheaper to stay
      with our mediocre stuff than to switch to the better
      coming from somewhere else.

      I'd like Cringle to talk to the Judge in the
      Anti-trust case...

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