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  • bosle007 bosle007 Feb 10, 2014 10:07 AM Flag

    pdb3838 What is the current share price?

    Under $40? Just like a stated... now wait for some bad economic news and this will see $35. Pay attention you may learn something.

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    • 35's now in pre market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • In Sweden its up nicely, here it hasn't opened yet, but a long way from 35 and I'm happy even if it goes down some more as I'm so much In the green. Must be sad looking in with no shares. BUt I realize your trying to talk the pps dow to buy in cheaper. So obvious and so lacking of character and honesty, but then your posts show that

    • Agree. Very petty. Your investment thesis should be, what should I do when ARCAM comes out with FastEBM printer this year that is 2x-5x faster. They reported EPS accordingly because of the 20+ new personnel but revenue is up 43% and aftermarket sales is up ~50%. You also have buy-out and partnership rumors. These are the facts. Don't be petty. LOL

      Sentiment: Buy

    • nondescriptemail123 Feb 10, 2014 12:33 PM Flag

      these discussions are petty to say the least

    • Real hard question, I look to the right and see its 38.26. Soooooooooooooo. Yes it is under 40, but not the 35 you promised. Again, sooooooooooooo. I suggest you take your brags when it reaches 35 if it does. You are disingenioius taking an early brag, shows you just a fool.

      Oh and little tilo, how can you say I have no clue when the share price is just to my right. Yes I'm surprised that it went down as much today when it held on Friday, but I agree with an article on Motley fool this weekend. The annual earnings were great, the quarter less than I hoped but there were a lot of nuggets that portend for the future.

      My investment strategy is long term. I don't pump or bash like you do to manipulate a stock and then sell in a day or two. I'm in for the long term. So Bosie, despite all your erroneous posting, you may take a brag IF the stock gets down to 35. Then i'll be buying more. After all, your the admitted genius who sold Arcaam at 55 presplit and missed all that gain. I've already learned not to sell early and waste about one hundred dollars per share appreciation. Same with little Tilo, he sold early, made his little profit, but left so much on the table. Oh weill he change his story again and say he continued to hold Arcam as it went up after saying he sold.

      To be honest, it is certain that I will not learn from such losers as Bosie007 or tilo,the little. Just like with dddd and xone, may have some sort term hiccups but will come back strong as they already have. At this posting, each is up over a point and I have a lot o shares.

      I will never learn from losers like you and Tilo, but keep posting and engaging in your little braging, you might even be right occasionally.

    • This pdb3838 guy has no clue.....

      Its hilarious.

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