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  • cheeseherd cheeseherd May 26, 2006 12:23 AM Flag


    Some one please explain their share price of $25. Their revenue is $2M/yr, EBITDA -$16M, 10M shares out standing, Market Cap $254M, earning -1.67.
    Our little Rockwell is at around $7, Market cap $75M, 12M shares out, EBITDA +500K, earning -.04.

    People must think alot about their new IV iron to value their stock at $25.

    Could it be that they have had more public relations or hype than we have had. We are the sleepy little quiet company that will wake up and rock the market after the trials.

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    • Right on aeiou_44! I've read all your posts and you & the majority of others understand.

      CMS (Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services) oversees the US public health insurance programs. Approx. 85% of all End-Stage Renal Disease patients are covered by this insurance, with private insurance covering the balance.

      Last year, CMS implemented a new reimbursement system for separately billable dialysis drugs. Essentially, they put the drug margins (except EPO) in the composite rate for clinic reimbursement, as a way to control their dialysis care costs. Last year, this rate increased only 1.6%.

      Also starting Jan 2006, CMS launched a new demo project which if successful, will radically alter the way they reimburse the dialysis clinics for kidney dialysis treatments.

      Before: reimbursed for every individual procedure and drug costs separately

      After: clinics receive a flat monthly fee, placing emphasis on total disease management

      What two companies are involved in this new CMS demo program? Fresenius and Davita

      When will it be done? Dec. 2009

      What does Fresenius have to say about this new reimbursement trend?

      "We are convinced that this comprehensive treatment and reimbursement concept will result in improved treatment for our patients by lowering healthcare costs and better use of the value chain of dialysis companies such as Fresenius Medical Care. As a vertically integrated dialysis care provider, we are well positioned to profit from the future development of disease management."

      Imagine what 2008/09 might look like if CMS goes to this bundled reimbursement rate and Rockwell has FDA approval for a low cost way of delivering iron via concentrate?

    • Where has Bexo been? Clueless.

      Anyone in the dialysis industry knows that CMS is moving reimb to a "bundled" rate. Several demo projects to that effect are ongoing, the drugs reimb has already been changed and every chain in the country will tell you it will be "bundled". The chain has the choice to choose a product that is superior to IV iron and saves money. RMTI's iron will reap major benefit!

      Gambro has been bought to be taken private. You can bet that a private company will cut loose all money losing operations, which is what their concentrate is. Anyone in the dialysis industry also knows that Gambro is exiting the concentrate biz right this minute.

      Bexo is exposed as a fraud (or just plain ignorant) once again.

    • My understanding is: If Rockwell files Phase III as to sell SFP as both a device and a pharmaceutical then there may be two sources of revenue streams including reimbursement if the gov decides and for liscencing the procuct to other manufacturers. Figuring a base dose is in my opinion doable but I'm no doctor. IV iron may not be completely eliminated. I would think the government would have incentive to get this thing through since it would save them money on the EPO end. Just my .02 worth price charged.

    • bexhole, much better shorts than this, geez

    • Sorry but this is way old news. Might be helpful to add to your favorites so you can keep up with the latest.
      Have no idea but I would expect the new owners (a holding company) to be far more aggresive - they have to make the investment pay, and pay quick.

    • Tell us the inside scoop on Gambro being sold.

    • What is there to answer!?! The big IFs???
      I am just stating current state of affairs...meaniang Concentrate is juat Concentrate, reimbursed out of a very complex composite rate on a per treatment basis. Will it change? No. Will RMTI benefit? Not unless they classify theirs as a drug and get 100% reimbured by gov (probability=no one knows). If it remains just Concentrate, they better find another way to have clinics pay for it, as this thing sells just on price, as any other commodity.
      There are quite a few companies in this area who have come up with various Concentrate improvements (a private east coast company has even a Concentrate product that is viewed as way superior than what RMTI is promising) but where are they in the marketplace....basically nowhere, as clinics do not give a sh..(excuse my language) as the product is still Concentrate and THEY have to pay for it versus gov. reimbursing them 100% on iron shots.
      By the way, if you have ever been to a dialysis clinic, you might have heard that there no standard 1 doze fits all in iron treatment - not everyone's condition is the same, even the same patient has to be on different prescription levels most of the time.
      Sorry, that's all I know. Not trying to convince or sway anyone as people do their on dd and math. I was just trying to explain why these two companies have quite different perception in the market and the reason people are not jumping thru the roof to buy RMTI. Maybe all of them are short-sighted, who knows.

    • by the way, I do not own shares in AVM as I too think they are overpriced for the market they are in.

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    • The way I understand it given the current reimbursement structure in Dialysis:

      Dialysis clinic buys AVM iron = 100% reimbursement from medicare/medicaid.

      Dialysis clinic buys future RMTI iron Concentrate = clinic has to pay out of it's own pocket.

      You do the math which one a dialysis clinic chooses.

    • I believe that avm is closer to approval than rmti .Clearly rmti has much more potential tan avm's product.This company will rock when we get more covereage like avm.Think equity is a firm which is covering and promoting this shell of a company. I totally agree with you!!!!!

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