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  • entroeleven11 entroeleven11 Feb 5, 2013 11:11 PM Flag


    ive owned rmti over two years, and am in it for the long haul.... but i have a real problem with chioni granting him and medical board a ton of money last week. almost another million and a half for him!!!! for what? whats he done for investors. id almost have to say that for this caliber of manipulation he has to be in on it. funny he grants shares the day he delivers prime data.

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    • I cannot stand a whiner! Suck it up we just had great news about SFP. Stock price will recover soon.

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      • key words _whiner_ and _recover_

        what am i whining about?? isnt it legitimate that chioni doesnt deserve to get paid when we lose 30% of our investment?? recover? it shouldnt have to be recovering if they would meet deadlines or give insight on financials and product development.
        i would consider it whining if i was posting one liners every four minutes, cause i was sad i bought alot of shares last monday, like all the new loseers i cant keep track of. i cant find a post ofyours before january.

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    • I'll tell you this: Rob Chioini is the smartest man I know. Not just book smart, but business savvy. He is totally committed to this company and is absolutely driven for it's success. If you don't think Rob is capable of managing this company, then
      1. You don't know Rob Chioini
      2. You're in for a rude awakening.

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      • Tell it to everyone who has been listening to his same #$%$ for the last decade. His track record of making statements he failed to live up to is clear as day. Anyone who had said as many things he has that never came to fruition should be FIRED for cause. He's now run the company out of money with a stock in free fall.

      • He is the smartest man I know too! He steals $2 mill a year in comp and has rarely if ever bought a share of stock! You're right, he's very smart! :)

      • You must not know very many people. Maybe he is smart, maybe not, but Rockwell stock is down over the past 5+ years. And no one seems to take them seriously.
        The original comments were why the heck does he keep rewarding himself with more and more stock when he deserves nothing? The stock is at multi year lows. People will always have a fundamental problem with such share grants when they are losing money. He doesn't seem to care about perception or earning his pay, he just pays himself as he sees fit, no matter whether the company performs well or poorly.

      • Thanks, Mrs. Chioni.

      • In addition He is one of the most competetive people you will meet. He is extremely driven and will see to it that RMTI suceeds. No question in my mind.

        Let's not forget we just had wonderful and positive news from the Prime Results concerning SFP. However, because the stock price is down because of manipulation many posters are showing their dark side. Very sad! These negative posters have turned absolutely great news in to negative slants.

        All of you will be very ashamed and put in your place very soon!

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    • ghg333 Feb 5, 2013 11:41 PM Flag

      11, You hit the Bull's Eye with your comments. Actually you were more civil than I would have been. Chioni has found that RMTI for management is the gift that keeps on giving. It's like he's in his office with his arms around the goose that keeps him supplied with golden eggs. He's not part of the solution, he's part of the problem. I wish I was a bus driver in that little Michigan town.

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