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  • andyzaca12 andyzaca12 May 8, 2013 4:39 PM Flag

    Went through $11 million in Q1

    Went through $11 million in Q1, and only had 5.7 million on March 31. Running on fumes. Will have to announce financing shortly I would assume on unfavorable terms.

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    • They are going to raise $30 MM to $50MM. As usual Rob was his usual arrogant poster child for an incompetent CEO. The CC call was a joke with mostly empty or evasive answers. As usual they cut the CC off with at least 3 people that I know of left hanging in the Q. Rob, please give us some estimates on all of the numbers including Davita, corporate burn rate, new financingings etc. I 've heard for 6 months the multitude of financing agreements sitting on his desk and yet he scrambles to do the last secondary at $3 just to keep the doors open. Unfortunately more of the same is coming.

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      • yttruiuoulrdghsyhuluughklilfghkj yttruiuoulrdghsyhuluughklilfghkj Jun 3, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

        u were right on and money they raised might not even get them through phase 3

      • I can't believe investors still put any credibility in Rob. He doesn't care about shareholders, he has hardly ever bought a share with his own money. He gets all of his options at 50 cents while shareholders get screwed for a decade now. He still gets his million a year in comp regardless. No real investors will finance this company at this point as many as they've burned. I think this thing is going to make new multi-year lows. Everyone can look at the balance sheet and see what's coming and how far they are from what they originally promised. Rob is like the boy who cried wolf at this point. He's all but killed this company. Time for him to go.

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