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  • thefattlady thefattlady Jun 14, 2013 6:29 PM Flag

    Short interest cut in half as The Fat Lady Predicted.

    Short interest down from 4.1MM to 1.8MM.

    Cooincidentilly it happened right after the big stock offereing. Go figure. It will probably be down another million next month.

    If you try to tell me that all the short selling ahead of the stock offering wasn't pre-arranged with the investment banks and their operatives who covered on the stock offerings I'll tell you you're full of schiiite!

    I'll leave out the ethnic jokes, but my opinion still stands that Chioini is a dirt bag. He knew why the stock was going down, but he stayed silent. Why? Because he could go to jail if he said he didn't know why the stock was going down.

    He has continually mislead shareholders, institutions and small guys alike.

    At this point the stock is what it is..... A potential non-IV option for iron deficiency that also reduces EPO needs. The CEO has jerked over investors throughout the entire journey, from his ineptness to outright misinformation about missed deadlines.

    I'm still holding my cheap shares but all the while it is with contempt for CEO Chioini.

    If the Board wasn't peppered with his drinking buddies, he would have been fired long ago.


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    • TFL, I enjoyed a nice Father's & Grandpa day today. Your post is spot on and anybody with an ounce of brain matter should come to the same easily reached conclusion. We sing from the same hymn book. The devils, crooks, etc. etc. have always been management. Thank you for your insight..

      • 1 Reply to ghg333
      • ghg, are you considering a lawsuit against the Rochester people? Look up warrant dated 7/17/2009. It lists at least three people who appear to work/have worked there. Getting options from RMTI effectively makes them paid shills for Rockwell and ethically, at least to me, this should have been disclosed to you.

        Interestingly, at least two law firms are now looking into "Possible Federal Securities Laws Violations." One is Zamansky & Associates 212-742-1414 and the other is InvestmentFraud.PRO 312-332-4200. The later specifically mentions Capitol Securities Management and a Mitchell J. Pizzirusso of Rochester, New York. He appears named in the above mentioned warrant.

        Good luck getting your money back for your grand kids trust fund.

    • On a different note, what do you think about ARNA with all the positive news lately? Is the company overvalued at this point during the launch of their new drug Belviq?

    • Hey fatty, you think that we will still make a run into the release of the data? Hopefully they will give a exact date in July when the data will be released that way we can make a run.

      The other option is they just drop a PR and we find out what the results are which could be really good if the results are positive of course.

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