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  • decemberwindsfeoo43 decemberwindsfeoo43 Jun 30, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

    Yocum was with rockwell for 2.8 years!

    Worked with the company for 2.8 years and all of a sudden has a major fall out right about the time certain results came back. He says one thing and Chioni says another. Then his replacement, a respected expert int he filed also quits just 7 months later. Who has more motive to mislead and who is actually educated and trained in the medical field? One lied and one is telling the truth. You bet Chioni, I bet Yocum. I can't find anywhere where Rockwell demanded he retract his allegations or claims. If he was lying, Rockwell could have sued him for millions yet we've heard no retraction or no damages trying to be claimed by Rockwell. Could it be that despite Yocum being found to be unable to collect damages because he couldn't prove there were any, his allegations were in fact true?

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    • Who really cares, your wasting your time. Do you really think anyone will change their position after reading your silly post. You need to crawl back under your rock, and wait for results like the rest of us! I can not determine if you are actually Yocum himself, or some other fool who needs attention!

    • The motto of the intellectually stunted:
      "win with quantity rather than quality"
      You certainly hold true to the testament above. You have been banging on the same drum for ages now. You must be absolutely certain that your analysis of the situation is far superior to the multi-billion dollar hedge funds and investment companies vested in the stock. Either way, i look forward to your continued incompetence and your only avenue for retort is to bring up a report about a disgruntled employee.
      I am not defending the company, i think less of them than my opinion regarding you. However, i am certain the results will be positive and it will drive the stock price up substantially in the near term and i will take my profits.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • The funds that recently bought the financing were nothing but pipe funds who are flipping out of all their shares with a profit. They won't be anywhere around if the bottom drops out. 28M in liabilities and 40 M in cash doesn't get them far. The debt deal is a nightmare. The single worst debt deal ive ever seen. They own the entire company for just 20M. Trust me, you guys think them putting up that money is a show of confidence, totally the opposite. Any failure and they own the entire company for just 20M. They are praying SFP fails because they will then own it all for a song.

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