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  • checkoutrx checkoutrx Aug 6, 2013 8:40 PM Flag

    Watch This Drop to $2 as it will be Quick and Easy

    You could make more money by having a garage sale waiting for the fast drop in price coming.I guess most don't understand the concept of a salesman trying to keep his job and earn a hefty paycheck every week.I can't believe a person could try to convince people paying $1 million for calcitriol will earn the company $50m in sales.Don't you think if this had any potential of selling the other company would of kept the product?You really should do your research and find out how much this product really had in sales before Rockwell bought purchased the product.You have every right to believe in fairy tales but you will only be rewarded with the memories of the experience after your money is gone.Don't see this price staying near $5 much longer as the stories are losing their substance as noticed.

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    • How in the world do stupid people like yourself come up with this BS. I have to hand it to you, you have a good imagination!

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      • Imagination is in the eyes of the beholder.Did you see what the total yearly sales of this calcitriol was before Rockwell bought this generic product?I think the seller got the better deal getting $1 million for the product.This is getting close to the words of saying a lot of intrest in sfp months ago and once again no joint venture ever established.If the FDA is concerned about the sfp results as are investors you will see a cruise 3 study done before any filing for approval.Now you know why the $20 million loan to the company was at such a high intrest rate and totally backed by assets of the company,with a $1 million payment when they miss the cruise 2 results which is unheard of in the industry as this does not come off the loan principal.

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