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  • jailbirdie45346563722565 jailbirdie45346563722565 Sep 20, 2013 1:35 PM Flag

    SHORT to $5

    Sorry longs...sell the hype. 7X sales in this space is waay too rich and management has no credibility. Bet they will still have to raise cash again before SFP gets to market. Top 4 execs taking millions in comp should be criminal. There's a reason they don't buy stock themselves.

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    • Bring it on. I still have my limit orders at $6 based on advice from you shorts starting three weeks ago. When are you going to fill my order?

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      • Smart to have GTC buy limit orders in incremental price ranges in small volatile bio companies, especially after huge price run ups. Never know if a "FLASH CRASH" by shorts taking out all the stops, may come to fruition and one gets some really cheap shares.

        EXAMPLE: In 90 seconds DNDN's stock tanked from 24's to 7's before SEC halted in the 11's. As I'm sure you know, STOPS automatically become market sell orders once the stop price hits. Here's the reality of stops of which I never use.

        With MASSIVE VOLUME manipulated by 3 short hedge funds, investors with stop limits found they were not taken out until well below their stop limit. OUCH!!!


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