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  • james08099 james08099 Sep 20, 2013 6:35 PM Flag

    Hey Fellas! Raj! Sold half and back in fully 80,000 again

    This board has gone to absolute dog sh$t. We need to get the info and positive momentum back. These shorts are incessant and incredibly uneducated. After pulling back I feel RMTI has flagged enough. Just exactly the same flag that occurred at $5

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    • I may be wrong but I thought a flag was a spike with a sideways consolidation. This looks more like a descending triangle to me. Last weeks downtrend is still in tack as of the close. I anticipated a break above the trend @ 9.00 on Friday. I bought 5K twice and sold twice for small losses. Good luck to all!

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      • Look at the spike to 5.80 and the pullback to 4.59 a month ago. It's a FLAG, which is initiated with the initial drop and then accumulation as it bases. I made a ton of $ on the stock from the high 3s low4s and the reason is bc I don't trade it. I buy the dips. I recommend u do the same. Or u will continue to lose more $ the same way u lost money already. Enjoy the show

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    • I don't get the flag stuff. What in the heck are you talking about? My philosophy.... goes lower short more!

    • did I steal your girlfriend at some point or bully you? I don't understand your need to falsify my position on a continual basis. I have been long since 3.86, haven't sold, don't care to sell and I am holding long. Grow up and stop being a lying troll. I understand you are on the long side, as am I, but I dislike you and your lies very much. Please stop. Thank you!

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    • Where does the reality of what's happening on the ground with a company come in to play for the TA freaks?

      I find it amazing that no what the company or the product, the same conclusions are made according to the patterns of "the chart".

      There's a lunatic on the SRPT board named bud_rolfs who keeps insisting that SRPT is coming back to $25 based on "the chart". What utter bs that all is.

      Do you TA "experts" all live in your parents basements or what?

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    • U can call it want you choose to, but it was flagging at 6 and is flagging now...what the vast majority of stocks do after big moves. If the dip was too drastic for u, u must've bought off the highs. Today confirmed the slowing of the decline as accumulation start to trump sell orders as we dropped past 9. Sure it can go lower. This is Exactly the conversation I was having with people when it was $4.90 and it went to $4.69 to then return quickly to $5 and never looked back. After calcitriol release which was expected "near term" 6 weeks ago. Should be out next week, and propel this incessant shorts back to $10-11. I am under the belief they are all longs simply wanting to get in

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    • James,

      The pattern to which you refer that began around $6 in late July and lasted until late August at $6, followed by a small gradual drop to the beginning of September (the handle) and subsequently followed by the violent up-move was not a flag, but a beautiful, classic shallow cup ($6 rounding down and ending at $6), a subsequent handle and a classic breakout from the handle. If you examine a 3-month daily chart, you will notice how volume dropped off as the bottom of the cup was forming and volume increased sharply when the breakout occurred.

      The pattern that has formed in the last week is not very clear to me and is somewhat hard to describe as a flag (although that could be a possibility). Notice the volume drop as we have moved away from the flagpole (which is good). However, the magnitude and speed of the drop is somewhat disconcerting. I very much hope we do have a flag formation here, but am not certain about it. It definitely would be interesting to hear comments of others who are into charts regarding what has been happening in the last week. Good luck to us longs.

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    • Ray?

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