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  • hymanroz hymanroz Oct 19, 2013 11:09 AM Flag

    Those looking to throw stones....?????

    Many of you have an emotional attachment to this security...I could care less. It is just another four letter symbol... nothing more ....nothing less!! Many of you are true investors and believers in Rockwell. I also believe in the science and truly fell this company has a tremendous future. The biotech sector is going to see even more pain in the coming weeks. I am just giving one mans opinion! Lets get one thing straight......I believe a year from now RMTI will be trading much higher than current pps, Many of you keep saying that a successful person would NOT waste their time posting on a message board, but quite the contrary as I find it soothing and medicinal for my mind and soul. I first started trading in the summer of 95' I started with $8500.
    3 Years later in the summer of 98' I had grown the account to approx $65k ......only to give everything back in the coming months as Oct of 98' cleaned me out and the margin calls came in. I was ready to take my last 15 grand and put it in a bank CD !!! Something inside me said to dust your self off and get ready for the second inning!!! Sure enough by the end of October of 99' I turned the 15k into an all time high of $70k.....back then you did not need 25k to daytrade. By the end of 99' I took everything in my account and put it into a stock (IDC) Interdigital Corp. back then it was trading on the AMEX now it trades under IDCC on the Nasdaq . I had accumulated 10,500 shares at avg pps of $11....maxed out and margined to the hilt!!! Then by late December of 99' an article was written calling it a BABY Qualcomm ....You see at the time Qualcomm was an $800 stock and someone just called this unkown IDC the next Qualcomm...... Then my life changed as I woke in the last week of December as the stock Gapped up and opened at $69 3/4...... I gave them the whole bloke at the OPEN........Making over $600k on one single trade!!!! So never give up and as always...STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS!!!

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    • Very nice indeed. I got into IDC back in '97 based on a friend's recommendation. They were in the middle of a patent battle with Motorola at the time, and the word was that they very well could win. If they did, Motorola would owe billions in damages, and IDC would own the CDMA band for cellular, which at the time was like 90% of the US mobile phone market. Well I sunk in $6000 when the stock was just at about 5$, and by January of 2000 I cashed out $240K Amazing. Back then I was all telecom and mobile internet. Now, though, Biomed/biotech is the way to go. Much more to be made here. And I am definitely long in RMTI. This stock will just keep rising once they start producing. No way they can lose here!

    • rosettawest Oct 19, 2013 3:31 PM Flag

      That's an Inspirational bio - and I don't mean that sarcastically. However, I hear this "sector rotation" talk once in a while and there's never any substance to it. There are occasional mass movements of idiots, that are set off by dramatic events. When ONYX gapped up huge on buyout rumors, the whole biotech sector experienced a few great days. Conversely, one particular stock just recently took a horrible and unexpected hit (the name escapes my mind) when the FDA found some objectionable side effects with their drug. The drop was around 70% and almost the whole biotech sector suffered for it. it was like all the clueless people who had just stampeded in said "Whoa, this sector can be RISKY!" Like they never thought of that before.
      But biotech will be strong for the foreseeable future, in my opinion. There's just too much money to be made. It's as simple as that. If the valuations begin to be adjusted downward, which is possible, there will always be the incredible wealth of catalysts that make this sector so great. Almost every day, there's at least one company experiencing a 25%-50% gain...sometimes much more. I love it and I'll be here for a long time.

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