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  • cigarbat cigarbat Dec 5, 2002 3:12 PM Flag

    Warren Buffet

    Check Yahoo News on TWK. This same information was given out by TWK when they announced their $138 3rd quarter Loss!

    Every Credit rating agency is down grading on a daily basis, look at news!

    Today, it was Moodys downgrade, and they specifically state: "...uncertainties surrounding the valuation of intangibles, the adequacy of LOSS RESERVES."

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    • Yes, of course I know that. I am talking about the iceberg (further under-reserves for the past 5 years) you mentioned. And that they are still checking into . Where do you get THIS from?

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      • Oh Sorry, When an insurance company has to go to the outside for a reserve review, which will be completed within the next 30-60 days; the Actuaries will conservatively place their numbers on it, so as they WILL NOT BE Wrong.

        If they are too low, they will be held accountable and probably be sued.

        The OTHER REASON is the US companies have been underpricing their policies since (at least) 1995.

        THis is called the "soft Market". Underwriters were chasing premium dollars to invest, so they underpriced their products for past five years.

        We call it Cash Flow underwriting. They are not the only insurance company to do this. The largest one was Reliance National, seized by the Dept of Ins about a year ago.

    • It's nice to finally see someone who knows the market

    • We have read the downgrades and based on the financial status of the company they are somewhat justified. We are asking you where were you with your insurance info before now', Why have you not answered lionbaum's direct question? and based on your knowledge do you think the LOC is 50/50? OR are we all dreamers.