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  • cigarbat cigarbat Dec 23, 2002 11:45 PM Flag

    and on the 7th day

    Evil, I got some couch's the wife been askin me to move, can you help.

    Who ever said the words "receivership" must know a little about insurance.

    Ins. Companies actually cannot go bankrupt, they are placed into receivership and then liquidation (if needed). (TWK Holding's not an Ins. Comp.)

    That's exactly why the price is where it is, man. There is a possibility...

    You Dig what I'm rappin'?

    Actually, unless something BIG happens in the meantime, the "Yellow Peril" (Statutory Financial Statement) is due to be filed by all Insurance companies no later than March...(Yes, its actually Yellow)

    They are reviewed by the DOI's (Dept of Ins) over the following 1-3 months. Those that fall below a standard, are SEIZED. Most all Ins Company seizures happen during this time (March -June)

    Barring any Bad Chit, they have til' March-April before....Kerplunk.

    But then, Maybe Not. And You Win a Big Pay Day.

    I Know you just love this stuff, don you. It makes me down right excitable. Cause in all those numbers lay Millions n Millions.

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    • Moving couches? that's nothing I'd do it for a can of Dt Mtn Dew, now try oversized bookcases and a 22 cu.ft. refrigerator through an impossible door, around a corner and down a flight of stairs and up into a truck by yourself, then off the truck and into a house in one day...... my thighs feel like shredded meat..... and just last year I was doing over 850 pound reps on the incline leg press, we aint talking about the scrawny ass imprint of evil at work here.

      <<<<<Evil likes to show off freakish talents at the gym>>>>>

      thanks for the info, that's kinda what I thought about receivership, the details make sense.

      my feeling is if TWK sinks, the market and particularly the insurance industry is in a lot worse shape then even subby can conceive, if TWK goes I would expect the whole middle of the insuarnce market to be wiped out nothing left except the biggest of the big that can weather it out and the smallest of the small that can hide in their niche.

      TWK is solid; but marred by adjectives with alluding connotations.

      damn that sentence was almost poetic.

      well I need to eat some protein and rest... tomorrow is moving dressers....

      Evil needs a wooden box to hold his clothes apparently.

    • cigar:

      ...lies Millions and Millions, not lays Millions and Millions...but it does sound downright harmoneous. jad