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  • evilind_coolidge evilind_coolidge Dec 23, 2002 11:13 PM Flag

    and on the 7th day

    while God rested, Evil snuck in and grabbed his bags too......

    Well guys, your calls sound great but they dont seem to spark much in me.... apparently I became nervous-proof on the ride back down into the .60's, and with that came excitability-proof.... though I am still pumped!!!!

    Fella on another board posted this.... I'm befuddled since I dont recall anyone here mentioning receivership or words resembling the potential definition.....

    "TWK no way. It will be in receivership in 9 months most likely sooner."

    I figure it was one of the many misinformed posts but I threw it in here for anyone who would like to discredit the notion.

    damn, evil is tired, moved furniture into the house today....

    Good Luck Long TWKers
    lets see if Santa cant pinch out a little loaf of TWK for our stockings tomorrow.

    Ho ho ho
    sub's mom, wife, and sister


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