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  • cigarbat cigarbat Jan 4, 2003 8:48 AM Flag

    Jad & Cigarbat, Ltd.

    RAELIANS RULE! Buffet's a Clone and Gates Never Existed, just a Gov't conspiracy.

    Penny stocks are very volatile.

    You thunk I have Common Sense?
    I'm dumber than a fence post.


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    • Cigar,
      when do you go back to the show?
      It's hell that your time off from the trade, and you spend mucho time investigating same.
      But, am glad your aboard this ship. Your have answered questions that many of we, lay people, would have never asked, much less answered.
      good luck to you, and all twk longs.

      • 1 Reply to flesheatingviruses
      • You really should invest in some BIotechs with that name. hehe

        "The Show started Thurs. Gotta get the 02 numbers booked and then on with the 03 party.

        Went out to Din Din with some people (& non people) last nite, had a few glasses o' wine, felt invinceable, and then woke up @ 4 am. Oh well, can't sleep well after drink well anymore.

        Time spent vestgating' same was interesting. TWK's US subsidiaries have been competing with us (in one area) past five yrs. We'd follow them down on prices on certain accounts. when it got to much we'd cut n run, leaving them holding the bag.

        I knew they were going to crash, especially at $25 bucks ashare. I almost shorted a ton. Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.