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  • albrt_alligator albrt_alligator Jan 4, 2003 1:52 AM Flag

    Jad & Cigarbat, Ltd.

    These halcyon days don't have to end when TWK hits $1.50 and everybody who's on the board now starts selling. If youse guys wanna start a penny stock fund just let me know. I are a law school graduate (2002), and I are looking for clients. You could have offices in LA, Virginia, Bermuda (AND maybe someday in Cyprus Belgium, where there are no margin requirements).

    The world could use some common-sense fund managers, and Buffet can't live forever (unless he's a Raelian).

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    • albert:

      I'll take Bermuda right now. Cold in Virginia.
      Ciggy says it's warm in LA...but the smog!!

      Thanks for the nice words. A penny stock fund for those still on the major exchanges wouldn't be a bad idea. I've been buying little 100 share blocks of some of the better ones for my kids college fund. Right now there are so many worth a shot, expecially among tech, IT and internet stocks. Can you imagine the stock of a company with $500 mil in the bank selling for 72 cents? It's true; CORV. Look at some of the IT shops: ARTG, BVSN, ITWO and the list goes on. Say only half make it past the next 3-4 years and you have 100 shares in each of, say, 30 companies that cost you around $150 a block on average. That's a total investment of $4,500. Three years pass and 10 of them have gone belly up. The remaining 20 are doing well; tech, IT and internet biz is humming along. What are your 20 blocks of 100 worth now? Well, say all 2000 shares are worth $10 on average. That would make them worth $20,000. That's more than 4 times your original investment in 3 years for a compound rate of around 60% annually. And the best part is, the stock keeps going up; you'll see some in the $20s, some in the 40s and some even higher, all within 5-6 years. But this moment in the market will be gone in a year or so, maybe sooner. After that the penny stuff will be junk, like it was before the bubble gave us this opportunity to buy into the IT & internet so cheaply. Pick well, spread your risk, and tuck it away. You don't even have to watch it...That's my fund, albrt...jad

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      • Jad:

        I started investing after I got out of school last summer, and that was exactly my plan--buy and hold devalued tech companies. But the market's been so volatile, I've ended up trading short term and doing pretty well. I deposited a total of about $9000 between July and December, and the account's up to almost $12,000. Not stunning, but good for a beginner in a lousy market. I've been through a few big drops, but because I bought stocks I was willing to hold for a couple years, they've had a pretty good tendency to bounce back. Some of them regularly go from $3 to $5 and back every few months.

        The problem with the tech compnies is that it's like musical chairs. There's no way to know 1 to 2 years ahead of time which of the underpriced companies will have winning applications ready to market at the precise moment things start to recover. Any unique technology that's available now will probably be copied by the time the money starts flowing. So you really do have to hold a bag of stocks and hope that the percentage going up outweighs the percentage going bankrupt. I'm watching CORV and a bunch of others now, but I don't want to hold them until they show some signs of life.

        TWK has been very educational to me because it shows that in certain non-sexy industries you can skew the odds in your favor by doing a moderate amount of research. (Even if we end up losing I'm convinced TWK was a good bet--the odds were as much in our favor as they could be under the circumstances.) There's limited competition for these shares because the float's too small to attract attention from the big trading funds, and the research is too boring for most retail investors (i.e. involves numbers). I'm planning to study up on insurance over the next six months or so.

        Another area I've had good luck with recently is gold miners. They're all going up now, but if you look at the recent history knowledgeable people have been making money in gold all along. Some of those mines have a lot of gold in the ground, and it's recoverable at a reasonable price, but most people won't touch 'em because of the crazy gold bug factor. There are huge valuation differentials between junior gold miners with established reserves and the well-known companies.

        Anyway, good luck.


    • RAELIANS RULE! Buffet's a Clone and Gates Never Existed, just a Gov't conspiracy.

      Penny stocks are very volatile.

      You thunk I have Common Sense?
      I'm dumber than a fence post.


    • Jad & Cigarbat, Ltd.

      I'll be taking my P.E. exam in April 2003 for an Electrical Engineer.

      I've been fully billable for the last ten years in the consulting business of which I can only account for only two years of real work.

      I normally only perform about 5 hours of real work a week, the rest of the time I spend training monkeys to perform their jobs.

      Looking forward to the coming year, I have another boat load of monkeys to train and tons of bananas to go around.


      If you need a resume let me know and I'll drop one in the mail.

      If you need some consulting support let me know, I've been around the block a few times and once with the training wheels off!

      just joe
      Electrical Engineer/Monkey Trainer

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