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  • sure_for_sure sure_for_sure Jan 11, 2003 9:05 AM Flag

    My Two Cents;


    Your concern as to why the execs are not buying may be answered by timing. Insiders are not allowed to benefit from inside info.

    This company has a series of problems that they are working to correct. If you assume they are making progress then they have a continuing stream of beneficial info to act on. But they are not allowed to act on it. Think of it as a ball rolling down hill; things keep getting better so they can't catch a break to stop and buy.

    I would assume that they are being very concervative in their personal actions. Marty is being paid $50,000 per month. Not a tremendous amount by todays standards, but certainly not chicken feed.

    We should watch and see what hapopens immediately after earnings release and the conference call. That is when they bring the world up to their level of knowledge and it is an even playing field. That is when I would expect them to buy if the PPs hasn't gone out of site.

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