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  • cigarbat cigarbat Jan 10, 2003 9:10 PM Flag

    Cigar Maybe

    I agree Stuck,

    "Tune in next week" boys and girls, to see what the continuing saga of The TWK Adventure Series.

    Here's Some thoughts if you call:

    I would start off with somthing like "Hi Alan, this is Stuck Pig, we're a group of current Trenwick investors, do you have a moment for a few questions?

    This will put him at ease that it shouldn't take too much time. In the past, I don't think they received that many inquiries (Hence no full time investor relations person). It's not that often that we can talk directly with the "hands on People."

    I would also start of with the "easier questions", also to get his mind focused.

    If you print out the questions, triple space them gives you enough room to scribble answers.

    Also, I try to have my questions in a form similar to the way I would ask it verbally.

    When he answers feel free to "engage" him in conversation, even if it leads to some insignificant area, like the weather. You can always return to your list at any time and it will kinda get him to open up a little.

    I'm usually trying to listen to the answer (while scribbling his ans), to be sure he understood the question and also to try and hear his gist.

    Anyways, thats my reflection, hope it helps.

    By the way, you'll do fine, it's actually kinda fun.