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  • johnnytang2001 johnnytang2001 Nov 15, 2011 3:47 PM Flag

    Great Chance to pop Canadian bubble

    It is great chance to short SLF, especially they lose any power to defence. and Canada financial ministor visit China to beg money to support canadian real estate bubble, commodity bubble and canadian dollar bubble, it it impossible to protect 3 bubbles at the same time, it will break first step is crash insurance company, than banks. MFC is almost dead, SLF will dead before Nov.21.
    It is very simple to make money, short tommorow and than waiting for SLF bankrapcy.

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    • Canada don't have money to support even a Christmas relay, bubble burst, China story is all based on forged data, prudent Canadian banks is based on a crazy country's crazy action.

    • "this week will touch 16.71 and next week drop to 9.09 if they want to have a little hope to creat a 2 dollar rebound line."

      Dang man, you are good. You got to respect these accurate predictions. Yeah we are trying to rebound from $2!!!! LOL! And yes, before you respond I know you are calling for a 3 bubble burst in Canada. I keep reading about your bubbles and wonder if possibly as kid you had a bubble fascination. Were a "Bubble boy" or maybe Hubba-Bubba bubble gum treated you poorly?

      As posters correctly identified earlier:

      Bubble 1:
      1. Canadian housing bubble is unlike the infamous American bubble. People in Canada have to put actual “DOWN PAYMENTS” before getting houses! Unlike in 2004-2007 in America. Anyone with a checking account could get a house. Walking away from 40K of your own money is different than walking away from 4K (IF THAT).

      2. Commodities: Oil sands -> Do me a favor and check how much oil is left on the planet. Based on current estimates, world supply will be depleted {based on traditional estimated} before most people reading this are dead. Note: commodities go down in depression, but are quick to bounce up. And if we are talking about a TRUE and NEW (since the 1930 scenarios may not apply) depression, gold and silver (which Canada are rich in) might actually explode especially if we keep printing money (see below)

      Bubble 3:
      3. Oh, and as the final “bubble”, I think you mention the Loonie, the Canadian dollar. Is the Loonie “up” against the U.S. Dollar Versus traditional measures? ” Well yes. No one can deny that. The more important question-> Does the US Print money like they are playing Monopoly??? Will Obama win again in 2012 and keep Benny B. and continue forward with the ridiculous monetary practice? Answer me that, and you can replace Mrs. Cleo!
      SLF -> loss in 4QTR 2011 (hold)
      BUY AFTER LOSS IN 4QTR 2011; It will dip Expect 30-50% gains in 2012.

    • this week will touch 16.71 and next week drop to 9.09 if they want to have a little hope to creat a 2 dollar rebound line.

    • Anyone who long SLF, please buy 1000 shares here, I really hope to bankrapt insurance industry of Canada, and bust 3 Canadian bubbles, your long position will be dynamic energy to break down SLF!
      Commodity bubble, real estate bubble, Canadian dollar bubble. CHMC(Canada Home Mortgage Insurance Coperation) will be dead and Italian construction money and UK resident house developer money will move back to save their motherland.

    • Keep short, SLF management must be short till they declare their new share offer.
      The middle east suicide-bomb used by the crude-oil-powerers, the poor people died. China make suicide export economy, the Chinese ruler class win big US$ and world power, their people suffer. Wall Street make financial suicide-attack, the ordinary people's pension fund or investment fund suffer, they win. So, the world is changeing, suicide-attack is most efficient way to become a winner, but you must arrange other people to suffer, you just encourage the suicide process and make money from it. It is very simple short other people's shares as much as possible, if the shares are available you just sell all of it, if people buy again, and the new bought shares is at your hand, sell again.

    • The USA side is calling on short position of Canadian banks, I am sure Canadian banks much worse position since the interest rate ditorted so much in Canada, where is real money? We all know that the US low rate based on banks not lending, Australian bank settle a high rate based on market activity, Canada is very simple to make real estate bubble to ambush not wise enough Chinese.
      SLF will below 20 this week and bellow 18 next week.

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      • Your stock advice is as “distorted” as your English. In fact, I have read many of your posts and seem to continue to laugh at them. I guess the one idea you have stated correctly, is time will judge all decisions.

        So let me give you a quick lesson in financials, since it seems you are ignorant, based on your posts. Firstly, while an insurance company and a bank are both tied to strength of the economy, and do some of the same underlying activities, they are not the same. Thus don’t lump them together. Yes, they are both in the financial sector, but are completely different.
        Secondly, any reasonably person can see SLF was heading “bellow” 20 dollars. Heading below 18 this upcoming week? I think not. And if so, I change my "Hold" to "Strong Buy". The resistance level is very clear. In fact, take a look at March 2009, and you decide. Now with that being said, referring back to paragraph 2, Insurance companies and Banks are similar but not the same, with interest rates at an all-time low it is a very difficult for financials (both banks and insurance) to make money. But here is where you are significantly wrong:
        1. Canada’s housing bubble is weak compared to what we experienced in USA in 2006
        2. SLF is EXTREMELY well capitalized, and positioned to survive tough economic conditions.
        3. Canada has vast physical resources and commodities, which any idiot realizes is needed to survive a global currency meltdown. I.E., in the event of the worst case scenario, Canada is positioned very well in timber, Land, oil, and gold (Again this relates to paragraph 2, commodities will strengthen in tough economic times)

        Instead of wasting 1 more minute on your moronic posts, I will simply state this:
        I have been working the market for many, many years
        Am I bullish on Sun Life Financial? In the next 2-4 years, no…I would rate them as a “Hold”
        But as some of your previous posts indicate, wait for their bankruptcy. LOL, yea...go back to fantasy land…SLF is a very conservative company and can weather the storm. Could they test their Resistence levels? Yes, but it won't be next week.

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