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  • sidibid1 sidibid1 Apr 29, 2009 9:05 PM Flag

    Huge losses are great!

    The goodwill write downs of about 1 billion dollars is great. This is a tax shelter hard to beat.

    For the next 4 to 5 years all of Liz's earnings will be tax free assuming 1 dollar/share earnings.

    LIZ is so easily at 10-20 dollar stock it is insane that people aren't buying like crazy right now. Some of us have, and will enjoy the fantastic ride up.

    As to the swine flu, there are at least 2 medicines that treat the illness and will keep it from becoming the black plague.

    The market will start to react to the 1 trillion federal spending and boost LIZ quickly as the whole market rises.

    Retire on LIZ is my suggestion.

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    • I have a look at the Liz stable and I see Mirazhi Liz and Kate Spade as the strongest brands at the moment. I expect earnings to be so so but they will shed some light on Mirazhi Liz sales, which I think should be good. The only reason Liz is so low is because investors think they are out of step of consumers today. Any sign of changing of fortunes will be a trigger for movement. Mirazhi designs are a real standout this season IMO. Strong buy anything under 4