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  • phillytc phillytc Nov 5, 2004 3:42 PM Flag

    DOWN $4 from the HIGHS!!!!!!

    Looks like Pinheadville bought the bait. Congrats to me and my fellow hedgers who slammed this dog from $32.95 to negative on the day. Better check the bottle, your champagne is filled with my piss.

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    • Hey Tuesday Morning QB. Down $4 from the highs? It is up $12 from the low of a few weeks ago. I'm down with riding the dips but you are going to get burned with this puppy. Nothing wrong with going long. And piss in our champagne, huh?! I'm sure you can guess what is in your chocolate mousse. Have a good weekend.

      Proud President of Pinheadville!

      • 1 Reply to jimsuechitown
      • Philly, you are nobody's daddy. You're no more interesting as the shorts' cheerleader than usglong is as the longs' cheerleader (tho he's been more analytic lately - but you haven't).

        JimSue, I don't recall you being voted in as President of Pinheadville, but hey, if you're man enough to go with changing circumstances and reverse your directional call, why not? Hail to the Chief!



      You are such a loser!

      What are you short at? 15? 10? 4?

      Be careful, soon you'll be unable to pay your AOL bill, then you won't even be able to whine anymore!!!

      Why don't you go find Bedroombully, get a couple of bottles of Chivas, and go down to the river to drown your sorrows.

      We're rich, you're lost!


    • OH Oh oh UNCLE

      Please, oh please, don't make it hurt any more...

      It was suppose open 5% lower (guaranteed?) and then proceed to 19...

26.96+0.53(+2.01%)Jun 30 4:02 PMEDT