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  • froddoislost froddoislost Nov 16, 2004 4:10 PM Flag

    What are the creditors chances?

    so option holders and hedge fund managers are going to try to hold 30 on Friday?

    Any indicators for this?

    Also, why is there no chance the judge would do this. I understand it is unlikely, but I know too that it is possible. Would lead to appeals, but in the meantime, USG would tank.

    I don't think it will happen either, but right now my entire net worth is riding on this, and I'm a bit nervous still (though much more wealthy than I was two years ago when this journey began.)


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    • Maybe you should lighten up.

    • Your entire net worth? If this is the whole enchilada - with a 4-bagger, take 50-75% off the table, now!!

      Unless this is a go-for-broke lottery-ticket type of strategy (where you're willing to go broke), you are asking for big trouble. You could hit that home run, but if you don't, think what your pain would be if it does go to zero - and balance it out accordingly. Think: would Buffett EVER put 100% in 1 stock (and BRKa,b are really portfolios, so they don't count).

      And I thought I was bad, letting this drift up from 2% to 6%. My 6% could go away, and I'd still have the original 98%.

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