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  • dustinfarmer dustinfarmer Apr 8, 2005 12:28 PM Flag

    SEC wants info

    How come they don't want any comments when USG has tanked in the past, only when it is rockin' is when they care. SEC needs to ask congress for a comment not USG.

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    • Other than the Social Security analogy, I agree with most of your post. I am all for free trade but when we make these deals, we really need to make sure that both economies benefit.

    • [Go ask former Sen Daschle what happens when you get labeled an obstructionist.]

      Good point, he was painted as an obstructionist and that was at least partly responsible for his narrow loss. But it is one thing to take on a senator that repeatedly voted against the interests of his own constituency, moved his permanent address to Washington D.C. and almost turned up his nose at his own constituents, it is an entirely different matter to try and paint the entire Democratic party as obstructionist because they won't go along with what the Republicans want.

      However, I do note that there has only been one cloture vote so far this year and it passed 69-31 (for the bankruptcy bill, and frankly, the bankruptcy bill was almost offensive compared to the asbestos bill (which IMHO is a bit half-baked but generally good for everyone, except insurance companies and trial lawyers)). As a matter of fact, one Dem (Lieberman) actually voted for cloture and then voted against the bill. Reid has said he wouldn't try to filibuster the asbestos bill but politicians have been known to change their minds about these things.

      I would be disappointed if people voted for this bill merely because they didn't want bad publicity and not because they thought it was the right thing to do for the country.

      [That may be the case but the Dems are sure spinning the situation that they really were for the woman living.]

      I still think that the Schiavo thing hurt the Republicans.

      [Before you start getting excited about the "new" Dems, why don't you want to see something out of them.]

      Good point.

    • WW3,

      Thanks for the kind words. You have also allowed me to get on my soap box again. Please understand that the following comments are not directed at you.

      Just wish our country would wake up to the problems that are not on the horizon, but actually high in the sky. I want my kids to have as good of a situation as I started with.

      As it now stands, that will not be the case unless those in the unions, the large corporation and especially those in Washington get off their duff and start doing the work that is expected of them.

      Maybe it is like Pearl Harbor and 9-11, the writing was all over the walls as to the fact that something was going to happen and badly and we just allowed it to happen. Well the writing is on the wall that Toyota is going to get GM's lunch and that China is going to eat everyones dinner!!

      In Europe, Germany has a 12% unemployment rate, the only thing that is saving them, is that oil is sold in American $$$ and the Euro has gone up against the $$$. As the American $$$ gains against the Euro, Germany is going to be in a world of hurt. The rumblings that were were there after WW1 are arising. Think that history does not repeat itself? Then people you need to go back to school.

      Well enough of standing on the box for now. Must get back to work. Check in later, if not all you fine people have a GREAT WEEKEND!!

    • p a,

      you are the man!

    • Psy,

      Thanks for your comments and your comments with regards to Sen Specter.

      Your thoughts, "Will the republicans allow 70-or-so companies to be wholly owned by the trial bar? Will democrat senators up for election want that on their records? Would any decent thinking, concerned senator, republican or democrat allow the trial bar to take over a large chunk industry? are right on.

      For one example, Toyota is breathing down the neck of GM to become #1 in the world. As GM cuts back in the next year or so to lower car sales, the unions are going to scream and scream LOUD. What is going to happen when the added pressure of asbestos lawsuit costs are heaped on GM? Yep, the company will be look at BK on a company basis along with a need from the asbestos suits.

      Can you just see the ads next year in any state that has a Dem Senator running where there is a Ford, GM or Chyrsler plant that is cutting back on it's work force?

      "Dear voter, the Dem Senator voted against legislation that would have allowed your loved ones to continue to work at GM. Now you need to move to a state that has a Japanese car manufacturer if you want to continue to build cars."

      While I'm at it, GM is a great example of what is going to happen to SS if there is no fix.
      2 and 1/2 workers retired for everyone working. GM has a 5.5 billion yearly cost for medical alone and growing by 500 mill a year.

      Yikes, the company is better dead than alive. Unions are you watch out for your retired workers? FWIW, in my opinion and in a single word, NO! They are not doing a very good job of watch out for the extended well fare of their existing workers.

      To top it off China is coming. Do you really think that once China begins to produce cars for themselves that they will not start to export those cars? Think not, they will follow Japan and South Korea. The business plan is in place.

      Union worker better kiss his toys good bye if the unions do not start to view this as a global economy. Unions better start rethinking their position on such things as asbestos reform.

    • When members of Congress were farmers, we had "common sense". Those days are gone.

    • I wish we could breed some common sense into them. It would be a major improvement.

    • Col,
      Your comment, "I don't believe for a moment that it will make the slightest bit of difference to the Democrats what Frist says about them" Go ask former Sen Daschle what happens when you get labeled an obstructionist.

      Your comment," BTW Frist lost a lot of credibility on the Schiavo thing," That may be the case but the Dems are sure spinning the situation that they really were for the woman living. If they didn't care how or what people thought they wouldn't try to spin anything.

      Before you start getting excited about the "new" Dems, why don't you want to see something out of them. The same thing happened when former Pres Clintion first got into office and then he pushed for the Fed take over of the medical field, which as we all know led to the Repubs winning in the houses in 94.

    • [Not if the Republicans keep hanging themselves with things like Schiavo.]

      To thinking people like you, the Republicans took the Schiavo thing too far. To the masses, however, it will be the Democrats who will be remembered (rightly or wrongly) as the party of the guy who left his wife in a vegitative state, started a new life for himself, and pulled the plug on his wife for her money.

    • Perhaps a shorty hedgie who soiled himself this morning placed a call to the authorities?

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