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  • quickmovesmiles quickmovesmiles Sep 9, 2011 11:03 AM Flag

    I bailed at the open because of Europe

    According to Art Cashin(CNBC) There's talk that Greece will default this weekend.

    So I'm now 100% short this market.

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    • 9/3: "I'll be here until USG becomes a penny stock and is put on the pink sheets. USG only has to lose 749 cents more before it gets a delisting notice. I give it another 12-18 months. (if not sooner)."

      9/7: "Sorry, I can only post where I actually think USG is going and in the ***Short Term*** it's going higher...
      I actually do have a bunch of $10 calls and may buy more if he tells me what I want to hear."

      9/9: "There should be a lot of short covering tomorrow. Being no one was expecting much out of Obama. Let's see if USG can break $10 next week, as we get closer to the FED meeting and QE3."

      9/9: " I'm now 100% short this market."

      You are a D****ebag the size of a PLANET!!!


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      • I'm sorry, I've always said that Europe is the wild card.
        Re: 8%-10% Price Increases on Tues! 2-Sep-11 04:18 pm Your probably right, but it doesn't matter I'm playing Obama's housing rescue plan and the Fed instituting QE3.

        I bought shares of UWM and a bunch of calls today on numerous companies that should pop nicely higher next week.

        (as long as Europe doesn't implode this weekend)
        Go ahead and be stupid and not bail, I'll laugh at you next week. A smart investor knows when to cut his losses and step to the sidelines.

        Sell higher and buy lower.

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