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  • quickmovesmiles quickmovesmiles Nov 1, 2011 9:17 AM Flag

    Greece and Italy will crash market.

    Greece's voting referendum will cause a Greek hard default. The Greek people will definitely vote against the bailout.

    You better hedge on the downside, because we're going at least 1,000+ points lower this week. (including yesterday).

    The DAX is down -350 points on the Greek bailout collapsing.

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    • QuicmovesHowls,

      I don`t believe you! You always Lie! You are Disillusioned! Your Track Record is a Disgrace! You have NO CREDITABILITY!!!

      I`m back on board this AM with my Sweetheart USG @ $8.6699...

      Now stop Moaning and COVER your PUTZ!

      You will be very sorry for being SHORT.

      Brace yourself for a Monster Rally!!!!!!!!!


    • "Yes, since 1979."

      I've read your posts since you came on the IBM board and dissed the stock. I can't comment on your trades before July, 2011 but since then if you have traded like your posts have said you have, you have lost your shirt. Furthermore, your posts seem uninformed, are intentionally rude and boring. I realize you have been under a lot of stress given all the apparent debits to your capital accounts, so there is no need for me to continue to rub it in on your home board.

      That is unless you get obnoxious again. I'll end by saying the new, humbled you is much easier to take.

    • "My Puts are perking up, but I need them to drop another 10 points just to make my money back.

      Thanks to Italy It could happen shortly."

      Dude -- everybody knows if your long or short and miss as few as 5 days a year, if those days are big like yesterday's 390 pt drop your yield goes to zero or below. You said you went to all cash Tuesday. Did you go short again yesterday at the market close?

      Quick - you really need to cut down on your moves in and out of cash. You seem to have a knack of being in cash when you wanted to be short, and visa verse.

    • I jumped 50% into FAZ in the premarket when the futures were down around 200.

      Although today we'll see a bounce, even though nothing in Italy has changed dramatically. The Italian bond contagion is already spreading to other European bond markets. So I believe the market will end lower today.

      I'm also playing the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio challenge. One of my portfolios which was ranked at 4,040 on Monday jumped to 667 yesterday. Which is not to bad when your playing against over 1 million players globally and we've only been trading 8 days now.

      I've done that by going long and short multiple times using mainly just ETF's.

      If the market was to drop another 400 points today, I might make the Top 20 and you can bet if that happens, I'll point that out to everyone.

    • quick, the famous day trader, sayz:

      "dumped my puts 2 days before Buffett jumped in and got nicely singed"

      LoL -- you were posting that IBM was headed to $150 all along -- you're still posting it.

      Who would believe you? I think the CNBC stimulation would be the best for you. You defy the laws of probability as you take a dump 80% of the time. You should leave your brain to the SEC -- for the abby normal section.

    • Buffett's going to get burned on IBM,..."

      Time will tell quick. He bought 64,000,000 shares for $10,700,000,000 so that comes out to about $167.20. So he's up about 13% so far which works out to be up about $1,400,000,000.

      Now that's not on the Buffett Bounce after the news -- he was already up about $1,268,000,000 on the market rise.

      But some of that lift came from his taking about 5% of IBM shares out of the market.He may have bought just about as much as IBM has bought back in the last year. He did his buying knowing that IBM was buying.

      So let's just agree he's up a nice $1 billion on IBM's EPS and Cash Flow advances this year. How much are you down on your IBM position mr quick?

    • I dumped my puts 2 days before Buffett jumped in and got nicely singed. I then jumped into OXY because I expect the Euro to weaken over the next few days. This should strengthen the dollar and send oil prices lower. We'll see if I'm right.

      IBM will drop below 150 on the next earnings. (if not sooner) Europe is a slow motion train wreck and IBM is getting whipped sawed in these wild currency exchange rate swings. Consequently Buffett will get burned. If he didn't already sell the day he made it public on CNBC.

    • I'm a trader and you'll just have to trust me on my posts. I wouldn't waste my time to make up stories to impress you.

      I've been honest about my losses and my wins. I know when to cut my losses and run, unlike you. So don't throw rocks at me, just because you frightened and don't have the accumen to trade in this wild market. (but you entitled to your opinion).

      "An idiot who "is playing a guessing game"

      I think you'll have to agree my calls on USG going lower FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS have not been a guessing game.

      Nobody has a crystal ball when it comes to Europe's problems and everyone is guessing. I did buy more FAZ while the market was up 100 points this morning and I'm already making a profit.

      I expect to go long sometime tomorrow, because I think Europe will come up with some positive news over the weekend. Europe is headed in to a deep recession, which will become evident in the first quarter of 2012.

      PS: If I do make the TOP 20 in the CNBC Million Challenge, You'll be the first To know.

    • Yea, I'm temporarily stuck in my IBM April 170 Puts that I bought for $17.

      Greece didn't implode as quick as I though it would. However now it's guranteed, thanks to the PM. I'm just wondering how long it will take the stock market to realize that there's a tsunami coming.

      A few day's after the crash, Bernanke should implement QE3. Though I doubt it will stop Italy from collapsing from the contagion.

    • quick sayz:

      "IBM will be trading under $150 by February 2012 and USG will be trading under $5. As usual it will take some time before I'm proved right and Buffett wrong.

      I'll make all my money back, on the way down."


      You again went to all cash right before the market sold off yesterday -- AGAIN!!! You're the perfect contra indicator. The more you're wrong the more you claim to be right -- you're always going to make your losses back "tomorrow" LOL.

      Oh, and -- "I'll make my money back, on the way down." You are already down.

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