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  • cangelosi_g cangelosi_g Mar 2, 2012 5:30 PM Flag

    RE: Warren Buffet and USG Corp.

    It goes to show you that even the great oracle has timing issues.
    I wonder if he loaded the boat when it was $3 to $5 If he didn't he is really stupid!
    The price has stayed under 20 since 09/2008 and only breached 20 briefly in 03/10. There is no question it will get back over 20 w/i 2 years. Buy leaps! Look at a 14 year chart and see a huge head and shoulder to see the trend

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    • Warren Buffett has been locked out from buying more stock, since he acquired those $13 convertables. USG has been a huge loss for WEB. If you want to buy USG cheap wait till August. Last year it dropped to $7 a share.

      They're about to report another major loss on this current 3/31/12 quarter. There's now way USG will see $20 a share in the near future. Last year the 52 week high was only $19.

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      • <<There's now way USG will see $20 a share in the near future.>>

        9/29/11: <<This stock will NEVER breakout of single digits AGAIN.>>

        Quikslime likes to make predictions.
        Unfortunately, he tends to be WRONG at such a rate it's tough to figure out how ANYONE could be wrong as much as this moron is.

        Do yourself a favor: if you want to use his predictions, use them as an absolute CONTRARY indicator.
        Do the OPPOSITE of what he suggests, at every possible turn.

        That seems to work very well.

        Or, you could try *following* his predictions,...
        in which case you might as well take your money, pile it up in the backyard, and set it on fire.

      • Quick

        1st, what has been happening, quarterly, has no bearing on what will happen 1st Qtr 2012. There still may be a loss but it will be substantially less than the previous Qtr, Dec 2011.

        2nd, The $7 PPS last August has nothing to do with what the PPS will be this coming August. There are positive factors in the market in multifamily and the large Multifamily jobs, that take a bunch of wallboard, will be shipping by late summer.

        I believe the PPS in April will be 15-30% higher than where it is today and I think by August it could be between $20-$30.

        You play it your way and I will play it mine. The market is a gamble but I just loaded up on USG Call Options Friday. I just wish I had bought them at the end of January when it seemed clear the 35% price increase was going to hold on wallboard in the US.

      • quic sez
        "USG has been a huge loss for WEB"

        hey quic, i don't think WB considers his loss in usg to be "huge"
        it's a very small part of his holdings...
        on this particular issue; approx.05% of WB holdings...
        % is a big loss but dollar amount to him is minimal...
        with the converts-not too shabby getting to $20.29 for 17m+
        it's like a pimple in his portfolio.
        half billion now in losses, then end 2013 or early 2014 - he will scoop it up
        for about $30 to $35. or i hope a lot more ;)
        just my .02 cents....
        have a profitable week.

        goin out to Lancaster with the wife & gonna visit that bar we were at...

        lets not get back to Michelle & your guessing game...

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