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    World Drywall & Building Plasters Market


    Worldwide sales of drywall are forecast to expand 8.5 percent per annum through 2016 to nearly 10.7 billion square meters, a massive improvement over the 2006- 2011 pace. Following recent severe losses between 2008 and 2011, drywall demand is expected to rebound sharply in North America and Western Europe. Eastern Europe will perform better through 2016 as well. In contrast, growth in the Africa/ Mideast, Asia/Pacific, and Central and South American markets is expected to decelerate slightly during this period, as nonresidential building construction spending increases at a slower pace than in the earlier period.

    Nearly 70 percent of all additional drywall demand generated between 2011 and 2016 will be attributable to China and the US. Product sales in the US are projected to grow over 12 percent per year during this period. After declining sharply between 2008 and 2011, the amount of new residential floor space is expected to increase at a double-digit pace. Rapid nonresidential building construction spending gains are also expected to stimulate growth in the US drywall market. In China, demand for drywall is forecast to grow 11 percent per year through 2016 because of large increases in both residential and nonresidential construction activity. Drywall will also be used more frequently in residential applications in the future, as these products become more popular.

    The residential segment of the world drywall market will record somewhat faster growth between 2011 and 2016 than its nonresidential counterpart. Residential construction activity in North America and Western Europe is expected to rebound, following a period of losses. Increased demand for housing in urban areas will cause residential building construction spending to accelerate in the Africa/Mideast region, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe. Through 2016, the Asia/Pacific region will continue to post above-average residential expenditures gains.

    Worldwide building plaster demand is forecast to rise 5.5 percent per year to nearly 37 million metric tons in 2016. While this pace is an improvement over the 2006-2011 rate of increase, the building plaster segment will record slower growth than the drywall segment. Construction firms in many countries will increase their use of drywall-based building construction techniques through 2016, at the expense of wet construction methods, which employ more building plaster per unit. A portion of these losses will be offset by the increased use of joint compounds during the drywall installation process. A few countries will record swift growth, including Spain, the US, Italy, China, India, and Turkey.

    --- The Sacramento Bee

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