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  • BuyHiSellHigher BuyHiSellHigher Apr 3, 2001 4:29 PM Flag

    Bring back Abe Kleinfeld

    Any thoughts on this matter? Don't think Cliff has done anything positive.

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    • Apparently facts are not facts, when they come from you Roland. The ms agreement has nothing to do with 1997, the last time you understood anything about technology. It is totally based on new technology klinefield's team developed. ThE technology that reid and glazer developed is obsolete, and was so before klinefield arrived (so were the reps that were there, including you apparently, who couldn't sell anything that cost more than a couple grand). the company was down to one engineer and running out of cash when Klinefield came. He brought in a technology vision and a tech team to build the company's future, which is their only hope now. reid's Rebop is sinply an add-on to that technology. As for the business, ELOQ is the same sad story that happened everywhere. ariba, netscape, priceline, march first etc. Spend fast, build big and capture share. Everyone is a genius in hindsight. Even you were investing then.

    • Facts are facts...the VCs brought him in because they were pissed that Reid and his management team hadn't brought the company to a good pre-IPO point after 4 years and $20M. Their impatience and Reid's too late realization that they had spent a year going down the wrong path brought about the change. The fact that ignoring their production problem continued to crater their GM. Kleinfeld had NO expertise, he happened to be a "friend of a friend" of one of the investors and thus was given the job. He then only succeeded in pissing off the productive sales reps, thus crippling the company small revenue stream, and then franticlly bled them as he tried to compensate.

      Abe did not "create" anything, in fact the core technologists, most of which work for ReBop are the only people who did any creating. When it comes right down to it if you are in a position to effect the outcome of an operation, then you should make use of it rather than expect to simply plod blindly. As for the Microsoft deal, the relationship had existed since '97, when fear of being put out of business forced them into the 'NetShow' partnership.

      I agree they have the cash to survive the market downturn, but markets don't just emerge, they are also pioneered, that's what ELOQ did in the beginning and if they could return to that then I agree they may be well positioned to succeed.

      As for being disgruntled its limited to having faith and continuing to buy.

    • Sure sounds like Klinefield fired you, Roland. As I read all your rants, you are disgrutled indeed. The vcs brought this guy in to build up the company fast, and demanded spending ahead of growth just like all the other net companies. Now they are all under water. at least Klinefield created a superior technology platform, a deal with microsoft and left the company with a great technology team, and plenty of cash to survive the trough of dissolusionment that the net market is currently in. If the video market ever emerges, the company is in a position to grow.

    • Are you nuts!! I have never seen any company piss away $40M faster, its is absolutely ridiculous. The annual report was nothing more than a recitation of the prospectus with fresh numbers. Absolutely ridiculous. It is clear that Eloq has become nothing more than a shell to fund ReBop media. The obvious parachute agreement Curson signed makes it clear they are desperately shopping the company

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      • Yeah Roland. Abe was a nice guy - at least he was trying. Cliff thinks it is play money.

        Check this out. They hired a consultant as a part-time VP. She bled the marketing department dry. Then talked Cliff into firing them all and hiring her marketing company to do all the work for $250 and hour - to save money.

        Do I smell conflict of interest here? And since then my spys have not been able to report any significant marketing going on.

        Maybe I can get my stock certificates laminated for wall paper.

    • stapled_butt_but_have_2_poop stapled_butt_but_have_2_poop Apr 3, 2001 7:53 PM Flag

      Bring back my god damned money I blew on this god damn stock.