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  • texhasmademerich texhasmademerich Sep 9, 2009 12:52 AM Flag

    Adam F looking out for you ???

    Yep, nothing else to comment on in the Bio-Tech world except that BCRX not mentioned..

    I have to agree with you, someone trying to steal your shares with Adam F.

    Don't sell, you will be sorry, I've seen this con game before

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    • Why is Adam fixated on BCRX??

      This is clearly personal, read the latest...

      "Rose-Colored Math Required For BioCryst Bull Case: BioBuzz
      By Adam Feuerstein 09/21/09 - 12:00 PM EDT
      Stock quotes in this article: BCRX , AMGN , ONXX  
      BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (TheStreet) -- I understand that I'm now seen as the BioCryst Pharmaceuticals(BCRX Quote) basher, but truly, I don't see how today's news of a government request for a peramivir stockpile can be viewed as anything other than a disappointment.

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      • As one of my old heros, Bugs Bunny, used to say..."What a marooon!"

        Just last week AF was saying that the govt didn't want to pay for further Peramivir study--(his reasoning was that if they did they would have already) therefore they didn't think much of it---now --as predicted--the govt is paying for all of it--more that 2$ per share in cash!!! WOW! But all you hear is his take that ALL the govt will ever buy is 1000 doses....not 1000 to 40,000 courses as stated in the PR...when just last week he was sure that the govt wasn't gonna buy any???!!! What a fear monger!!!

        There otta be a law!!!

    • Adam is a young pup being led by a leash by Jimbo "I'm retired cause TSCM is a penny stock" Kramer

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