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  • joe_dirts_brother joe_dirts_brother Nov 8, 2012 11:47 AM Flag

    Anyone buying for a bounce?

    "Price target" is ZERO. The common shareholder gets NOTHING when a stock goes BK and/or is moved to the PINK SHEETS and will go to pennies in an instant. This one is DONE. There ain't gonna be no bounce- unless you consider DOWN a "bounce".

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Not imminent BK is it?

      • 1 Reply to pharma_luva_2
      • Two qtrs TOPS, till BK filing. They are BROKE. $43 mil in cash with $30 mil in debt and interest payments to service. Burning through $10 mil or so a qtr. Two qtrs- and they will be at the level of cash where they will be lucky to make rent, utilities, payroll, etc. which is known as BK. Lights out, DONE. They have NOWHERE to raise cash and not a soul on this earth is dumb enough to give um one red cent. It's simply OVER and they know it. Thus, the "merger" SCAM they tried to pull off. It's DONE TOO- you won't have a $65 mil market cap company, that basically has NO CASH, "acquiring" a $100 mil market cap company. It's impossible. Next "news" release will be the withdrawal of the Presidio scam "merger". Watch and learn. I told ALL of you this stuff over a yr ago. CASH BURN, zero revenue, no products, no profits, no hope - now it's all coming to finality.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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