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  • joe_dirts_brother joe_dirts_brother Jan 10, 2013 11:28 PM Flag

    Jack wad Stoner used new-speak, BABBLE TERM "runway" AGAIN

    This scam artist needs to author the book- how to speak for 20 minutes and say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Oh, except we are BK in under ONE YR. The dude even admitted he has 15 lousy months of cash left- AT BEST. That, after LAYING OFF HALF THE COMPANY and having every single thing they've thrown at the wall come up a 100% DUD, LOSER. But, but, but- NOW he says to "stick with him", when he has NOTHING, and he'll pull a rabbit out of a freaking hat? The dude needs to be FIRED, put on Thorazine and be put out to pasture in diapers and a bib. How much has he SCAMMED the shareholders for, for how many yrs? He must live good- and sleep like a baby, despite ripping of the govt and 10,000's of investor idiots.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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