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  • mesondk mesondk Feb 8, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    CDC Flu View for Friday 9%P&I

    Shows P&I (Pneumonia and Influenza) mortality in latest weeks of 2013 spiked to 9%, higher than any of the last 5 years, and we don't have an IV antiviral available for use because it isn't even in an ongoing clinical trial,so you can't get an emergency/individual use. What is the FDA thinking and why aren't they and CDC concerned about a 9% spike in influenza deaths?

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    • Just keep this in mind when you hear these statist pigs make the claim that they should move to reshape our second amendment rights if it can save just ONE life.

      You're (not you mes) a drone if you believe that the government is trying to do anything except expand their power and control over the citizens.

    • And here is one of the comments on a story by CDC that said flu season is over

      Lost our neighbor to flu complications in late Jan. Only 63--she fell, developed flu in the hospital and then pneumonia. Told her husband she was ready to come home--and two days later she was dead.

      Developed flu in the hospital - and how did they treat it?? with an oral antiviral?? Oh well, we did our best - NOT!

      Take a look at the spike in P&I hospitalizations in the Flu view among the elderly.

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      • Less people on AFFORDABLE CARE...Get used to it. We as taxpayers will be paying for librarians to retire on a 200K pension. Health care redistribution...gender reassignment surgery will be covered but not a drug option that can stop viral replication the fastest. The savings on morbidity/mortality would more than offset the cost of the drug. Your ELECTED GOVT. in action.

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