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  • ezndat ezndat Apr 6, 2013 10:35 PM Flag

    interesting investment

    probably a buy first ask questions later come Monday....intriguing article below...18 cases spread over a large area with 6 dead 10 others who hang in the balance.....after the dust settles it is very unlikely that the story ends with 18 random people spread across China having contracted the disease and then back to business as guess is we are in the top of the 1st inning of this story.....with any luck I'm wrong about that....

    Pump and dumps don't usually end in the top of the 1st inning so I'm most likely a buyer....

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    • Taken from recent article:::::

      Internet rumors are circulating which suggest a government cover-up, with many microblog users believing that the virus has already spread to other major cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou, though hospital staff have been forced to remain silent.

      An alleged Beijing hospital worker recently posted a thinly veiled warning about the presence of the virus in the city on their Sina Weibo microblog account.

      "I cannot say anything. I can only hint that my friends in Beijing need to be careful. Hope you understand what I mean," said the post, reportedly uploaded by a stem cell researcher from one of the city's top hospitals. The warning was quickly deleted along with the microblog account that posted it.

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      • Ezndat,China is in a sort of blackout,WHY....."Liu Weiqiang told the "First Financial Daily" reporters: "normal gene synthesis requires at least 2-3 weeks of time, this time using only four days to complete the task, the first in the country to complete the synthesis of key genes of the H7N9 avian flu virus." virus gene synthesis is the most basic step, it can be used for the development of the H7N9 virus immunoassay reagents for virus structure and function of the ability to use laboratory data to predict the transmission of the virus, and for the production of recombinant vaccines in the future and lay foundation.

        Announced the beginning of the epidemic, Suzhou Jayne biological proceeded to take advantage of more than ten unique H7 subtype-specific antibodies, overtime to develop a broad-spectrum the H7 antigen-enzyme-linked (ELISA) detection kit. Vice president of the company's global market and scientific cooperation Qiu Zhiyong said, the preliminary results of the development have found efficient for Chinese popular H7 virus-specific antibodies, which can distinguish between ordinary influenza and the H7N9 avian influenza. Expected within a week the company will complete the test for clinical and research to provide a fast, efficient and large-scale new tools to detect H7N9 infection.

        In the near future, the company will produce the latest national CDC H7 antigen, can be used for the development of the H7N9 antibody detection ELISA kit for the detection and judgment of serum samples for the presence of specific antibodies of H7N9."
        1)You are right they like to cover the bad situation
        2)they need time to build a
        H7N9 antibody detection ELISA kit

        So what is left,to wait till the real picture will be developed :)

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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