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  • left2rightdoor left2rightdoor Apr 13, 2013 7:47 PM Flag

    Beijing Bulletin - Tamiflu and Intravenous drips?

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    A 7-year-old girl in Beijing was infected with the H7N9 strain of bird flu, the 1st such case in the Chinese capital, local health authorities said Saturday [13 Apr 2013].

    The case was confirmed following a test by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention early on Saturday [13 Apr 2013]. The child is being treated at the Beijing Ditan Hospital and is in stable condition, Zhong Dongbo, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, said in a press briefing. The girl developed flu symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, and headache on Thursday [11 Apr 2013] morning. She was brought to the Beijing Ditan Hospital to seek medical treatment around noon and was then hospitalized for lung infection.

    The child received the drug Tamiflu as well as intravenous drips on Thursday [11 Apr 2013] night and later was transferred to an intensive care unit after her condition worsened. After oxygen therapy and other treatment, her suffocation and coughing symptoms eased markedly, and her body temperature fell to 37 C [98.6 F] from 40.2 C [104.36 F], a spokesman with the Beijing Ditan Hospital said.

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    • Until they state that Peramivir was given as the "IV", the point is moot." If" they doubled up on the dose of Tamiflu,"if" the child could swallow fluids and keep them down, "if" she got treatment before her lung function was too compromised, then she was "lucky". That is someones' child. Because she is Chinese, her parents don't feel the pain of a deathly ill child? Ask the parents of the dead children from "the flu", this and last year... I'm sure they would be angry that an IV forumula was available in another country(Japan),and , was "tried" on their child...especially when their tax dollars paid for its' development.

      Current treatment with Tamiflu is the "cheapest" way to treat the most amount of people. The problem is viruses mutate. Anti-virals stop virus replicaton and eventually, they mutate resistance to the specific antiviral. Ergo, the sooner you stop replication, the less probability of a virus mutating...1.3 billon Chinese on Tamiflu...go figure the probability of mutation(Jack I'm sure you have that number handy).

      Peramivir was designed to treat patients that are compromised by the flu(IMO whatever strain due to IV formulation). I would prefer that the data show that the Japanese reserved it as such vs a "quick fix" for the "Japanese work ethic". As the number of people are treated with Peramivir increases, the laws of probability demand that probability that mutation increases.

      Data and science are the real truth in this issue. The real shame is Yahoo won;t allow copy and paste of information. Why ??? To prevent spam ????? Or maybe that retail investors can educate themselves with data from scientfic studies/trials on a MB without digging through tons of literature. Still, the computer, is the most powerful tool available to an invetor.

    • Tamiflu is a 5 day course so not sure how they can say Tamiflu was ineffective...her condition got worse but then got better in a short period of time.

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      • tamiflu may be a 5 day course if heathy enough to take it, but if in a near coma they can't take it.Let's face it they are relying in Peramivir but where are they getting it if they have not started to manufacture it?

        Our own country can't be that blind to see that they need to get BioCryst manuafacturing and just approve it cause they have no choice anymore, This thing is like a tidal wave that started and is coming here, it can't be stopped now. listen to the bird singings, the don't get sick they just transfer it to humans.

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