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  • One CNBC analyst says stock is worth 0.50 and the stock drops 40%+ in a day.
    Sucks to be that guy that bought at $11 Monday.

    Oh wait, that's me with BCRX. I get in and all the insiders decide to unleash their shares.

    I tried to warn the longs here about my cooler effect on this stock.

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    • hell.. we have 4.5M in AH tonight. ;))

    • "all the insiders" - hardly. Go back and read my analysis of the option trades. Then look at their holdings in the latest PRE 14A Proxy filed today (or see below). Babu took off 30k options that were about to expire in 2 months and 10k shares, he has 520,197 shares/options left. Barnes has 187,669 share/options after taking off about 30k options, 10k shares. Even the Kenneth B Lee guy who sold 12,000 or so up here has 39,001 left. Stonehouse has 1.7M and Sheridan 417k. yet these guys haven't taken anything off yet.

      Includes stock and exercisable stock options, does not even include stock incentive plan awards yet to be given for 2014:

      Jon P. Stonehouse / 1,694,792
      Yarlagadda S. Babu, Ph.D. / 520,197
      William P. Sheridan, M.D. / 417,373
      Thomas R. Staab II. / 241,391
      Alane Barnes / 187,669

      Plus Directors:

      George B. Abercrombie / 51,416
      Fred E. Cohen, M.D., D.Phil. / 172,999
      Stanley C. Erck / 122,082
      Nancy J. Hutson, Ph.D. / 42,973
      Peder K. Jensen, M.D. / 113,749
      Kenneth B. Lee, Jr. / 39,001
      Charles A. Sanders, M.D. / 74,082

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      • By the way, on top of the 1.7M shares/options Stonehouse has, he will receive an additional $5,406,059 if the company is sold and his position terminated.

        Stabb, $1,899,716
        Babu, $1,577,731
        Sheridan, $1,843,222
        Barnes, $1,376,286

        This team has great incentives to build value and sell the company. Good for shareholders, so long as they aren't dumping shares out of desperation at low prices and selling out for pennies.

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