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  • vo2_com vo2_com Mar 21, 2014 10:48 AM Flag

    See ECYT?

    Damn! I follow that stock closely but don't own it of course.
    I own this POS of instead!

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    • jack_hemmer_rides_again jack_hemmer_rides_again Mar 21, 2014 10:59 AM Flag

      yes. that's why I bought a ton of another stock ;)))
      wouldn't expect any one here to do any DD or know why.. but after the warrants are exercised it's gonna do the same thing on EU approval. wow! hey! when is the next NBSB meeting?

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      • Which stock is that Jack? BOTA? Ha. I noticed you never responded to this:

        I don't understand why you're still pushing BOTA on this board... Frankly I'm tired of the flu scene. I've been in this since late 2009 and would rather die than invest in another stock that has anything to do with flu and the federal government. Big pharma + the federal government do everything that they can do to make sure these small companies do not take from the antiviral stockpiling pie. I think you're nuts for thinking it will be any different in BOTA. They still have to do a Phase III trial over there. Again, I just can't believe that someone who knows firsthand how useless the federal government is in getting these antivirals from small companies in our hospitals would want to get involved with another company that won't see an NDA submission for years still.

        I don't care what's going on in Japan. peramivir was approved in Japan in 2010. 4 years later we're still waiting over here. Just because the Japanese are using the drug doesn't mean our government will. Clearly they don't give a shi*, and since there is no public outcry about these drugs not being made available in hospitals/stockpiled, they will continue to take their sweet time.

        BCRX is much farther along the US bureaucratic red tape train than BOTA is, again, regardless of what's going on in Japan. Less

    • Sell it then.

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