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  • abc321xyz2004 abc321xyz2004 Apr 26, 2004 2:59 PM Flag

    Bought more at $1.30

    Bought more at $1.30; as a show of continued confidence in this company and stock. Those who really believe in their decision to invest in DYTK, now is a good time to buy more cheap. From here, at $1.30, there is .70 cents upside profit when we hit $2.00. That's $17,500 profit on 25,000 shares. That's $7,000 on 10,000 shares. That's $3500 profit on 5000 shares. That's $700 on 1000 shares. That's $70 on 100 shares. The nice thing is that stock is cheap enough for anyone to buy and make some money on. If you got some more money, join me in buying more as a united pact to show confidence in this investment decision. I have already bought more at $1.30. Join me. I'll be watching the Times and Sales figures. I am determined to prove the doomsayers wrong. Good luck to all!

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