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  • centz2dollarz centz2dollarz Dec 27, 2004 7:18 PM Flag

    where is everyone? all gone? dytk gone?

    where is everyone? all gone? dytk gone? nobody comes here anymore? just a few of the old people. i wonder if the long term bag holders are still happy with dytk now? look at those rediculous financials. how long will it take them to ever make a profit? how come they haven't bought any more companies? don't any company sellers want dytk's attractive high performance stock in exchange for their years of hard work? i wonder how many people are still losing here? is leading loser still here, or did he lose, or leave or sell out? do people still think this is a good deal? or has everyone lost enough money that they are ready to humble themselves and admit, dytk sucks? it is hard to admit and swallow the pride. but, dytk has a way of brutally humbling all investors that get in high, and end up low, underwater, upside down, bleeding red - losses. it's a terrible experience. i know. remember, i won't laugh at you if you lose here. i can't be that mean to people. i wish you the best. good luck. c.

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    • dytk was a different company from the one a year ago, 3 years ago. it growing, evolving, and gulp - appears to soon prosper. centz, which are u? dumb or dumber? its between u and manta. i will just call u both the dumbiest. and if i were u, i wouldn't say anything until feb 15th. after that, if u don't see a nice change of fortune for dytk, then u can bash all u want...otherwise, your posts seem desperate and i am trying to figure out - for what? cause u care about me/us? hardly. funny thing is no matter where one puts their money, if u read a msg board, their is always these self-proclaimed "protectors" that want to save us. my advice, save yourself. find someone that loves u - is that too much to ask? if i am jumping the gun and u r trying...i am sorry for negativity. happy new year.

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      • To Roppong-Dumber & Dumber & ?

        I don't feel dumb, now that I got out of this sucker. I now feel smarter and smarter, after selling all of my DYTK sucky stock. I lost a lot selling it off, but I had to cut the perpetual losses of this perpetually losing drowning company. However, I do understand how you feel. I was once like you - here. I once fought to protect DYTK. But, after being here from April 2004, til now, witnessing my money and everyone else's money - go down the proverbial drain - let's just say - I ain't happy about losing a lot of money here. You say wait until Feb.? Well, I've already waited from April 2004 to Dec. 27th, 2004. I think that is sufficient to get a good feel for how these guys at DYTK, do things. Let's just say, the idea of running a company into the ground - fits very well - here. The thing that gripes me the most is that someone high up in DYTK told me, "I think you'll be very pleased with our progress toward the end of the year." So, I waited and waited, expecting to be "very pleased with DYTK's progress", only to find them facing 2 delistment notices, one for not taking an important business matter before the shareholders to vote. And, I notice they delayed posting both delistment notices by as much as a week or more, maybe even 2 weeks or more on the first delistment warning notice back last summer. They have refinanced over and over, using new, lower strike prices on the warrants being exercised. This has dragged the stock value down lower and lower from the exercise strike price of $1.15, and down to the next lower deal with an exercise price of .65. I have watched this stock go up to $1.97 and then fall all the way down to .50 cents or whatever the bottom has been since April 2004. I have watched them post "supposed" good news, only to see the stock not do anything, not go up, but go down, or just sit there. This has been the most mysterious, confusing, unpredictable stock I've ever seen. I've watched it since April 2004. There are others here who have watched it for years and years. Such as Space, Manta, Extek. Funny, you throw me in with Manta. I used to be just like you. I used to argue and post against Manta and Extek and Space. But, after watching my money almost disappear in this money hungry, money devouring company, I changed from liking DYTK, to hating it severely. You are lucky to come here now, at these lower prices, cuz if you came in April, everyone of you would've gotten sucked right into the DYTK pump and dump festival April 2004. The volume soared to 44 million. The stock raced up and down, making me $30,000 in a week. My mistake was that I held DYTK long term based on a senior executive telling me, "I think you'll be very pleased with our progress by year end." Well, I ain't pleased. I ain't impressed. Instead, I am very angry about losing a lot of money here. For that reason, there are quite a few people here who seem very interested in suing DYTK. Many people lost alot of money here. A top number one securities fraud litigation atty. may be looking into this to see if they want to take on this case, according to rumors on this board. Let me know if anyone has heard anything else about a potential class action or individual lawsuits? Anyway, just wanted to remind all why I am not happy with DYTK. Anyone else got a gripe about DYTK? Let it be known here. Happy holidays. C.