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  • solantey Jun 17, 2006 11:11 AM Flag

    Why It Isn't Moving Higher

    There are a number of factors which are keeping the share price down now as follows: 1. The funds will still be selling this through the end of the month to close out their positions for "window dressing" their portfolios. 2. Management repricing the share price for the 2004 Employees' Stock Incentive Program to a maximum price of $3.54 , while intended to help the employees avoid losses in their original purchases, sent a message to the market that $3.54 is a fair price for the stock. That is how the market is viewing it.3. The time frame for a response from the F.D.A. , all factors considered, is in the 3-4 month range at the earliest. Therefore, with the exception of a small bounce when the company issues its' response in 2-3 months, there is no urgency to own the stock now. 4. Being dropped from the Russell index will have some negative impact on the share price short term but nothing major.

    I expect the share price to bottom in the $3.40 range and trade between $3.40-$3.80 until major news comes out.

    This is still a good long term hold but volatility of 10-15% (up and down)should be expected over the next 2-3 months. Good luck to all.

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    • So....... since there is nothing better to do, and you sound so comfortable and very analytical this weekend,let's mess with you !!
      What happened to your post # 12898 ??
      Are you trying to offer your professional advice and DD to the NEWBIES ???
      Re: Why It Isn't Moving Higher
      by: 06/17/06 01:01 pm
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      Will the next move be to reprice the 2005 incentive program at $2.50? I guess you'd see that as an extemely bullish move? Unfortunately you are not in tune with the market on this issue - otherwise the share price wouldn't continnue to drop. We'll see on Monday who is correct - I say this hits $3.40 next week - maybe $3.25 in a down week. Keep buying as it falls - I'll wait for my target price.


      Sold at $3.72
      by: 06/15/06 03:32 pm
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      $1,400 profit. Hope to do better tomorrow.
      Re: Here's One of my Posts
      by: ellmer_fuddd 06/14/06 09:53 pm
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      Very nice pump and dump technique. And I thought none of us were powerful enough to move the price one way or another by posting on chat boards.

      So- did you make the entire market rise today too? Impressive. You da man!

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      Re: Here's One of my Posts
      by: 06/14/06 09:55 pm
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      I did make almost $8,000 today so I guess I'll believe what I want to. How was your day?


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      Good and the Bad
      by: 06/14/06 09:45 pm
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      On the good side you can move the share price up and on the bad side you attract a lot of short term traders who will dump it as soon as it starts dropping. That's why I think you can make more money trading this over the next two months than by just holding it. To each his own.


      Sell Before the Close
      by: 06/14/06 03:56 pm
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      Re: Out At $3.76
      by: 06/14/06 03:53 pm
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      $7,300 profit today. We could use more days like this.


      Out At $3.76
      by: 06/14/06 03:49 pm
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      Another $2,900 profit. Thanks to all. :-)


      Like to See $3.76
      by: 06/14/06 03:41 pm
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      Re: Nice Bounce
      by: 06/14/06 01:42 pm
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      That the filing news means nothing other than to say the company doesn't see much upside for the share price anytime soon. $3.54 on the high side?

      "Dropping Volume Indicates A Bottom"
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 06/13/06 10:24 am
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      The company has $85,000,000 in cash, no debt, and three drugs in development with a potential market of over $6 billion +++++++

    • This repricing is about what is best for the entity in the long term. Retaining personnel and enhancing morale are within the scope of this overall effort. The market forces will value THLD fairly once all the data from the TH-070 analysis is completed (for better or worse).

      Please illustrate one Harvard Business case whereby the stock price in an entity was coorelated negatively to a reduction to employee option strike prices.

      The stock price dropped with the market in general due to Fed's comments on inflation & interest rates.

      However, I do not expect much movement in THLD until we enter the 3rd quarter.

    • everyone has his own opinion on THLD me I am a little more bullish. I think we get a bump to the up side I think it is just way over sold. What Time dose the USA play?

    • Thanks for a no hype, well thought out and evenly stated evaluation of a company in a very risky business.

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