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  • biotech_dinero biotech_dinero Nov 30, 2006 8:14 PM Flag

    results of Phase 2 study on glufosamide

    "At the time of this report, all but one patient have progressed and
    17 patients have died. No responses were observed, 10 patients had
    no change after two cycles and one patient (3%; 95% CI 0 to 17%)
    remained free from progression at 6 months."

    from: Annals of Oncology 14: 1732�1734, 2003.

    This dog don't hunt.

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    • If the study was on brain tumors as stated (I'm not familiar with it,) then its irrelevent. The chemo drugs for different cancers are different and what may have no effect on one cancer can cure another. That is why there are so many different chemo drugs. For example, Cisplatin, (not sure of spelling) cured Lance Armstrong's testicular cancer, but has limited effect on other cancers such as esauphegal.

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      • That was my initial reaction as well (that chemo agents respond differently to various tumors), but what was concerning about the write-up on this trial is that they noted that these brain tumors typically have high regions of hypoxia, which is the targeted pathway for glufo? Is anyone aware of any other phase II trials with glufo that have failed, or is this the first/only completed phase II trial to date?

    • Just to clarify, this study was done on patients with recurring brain tumors, not pancreatic tumors, so there may be a difference in effectiveness. Interestingly, the endpoint of this study was if 20% of the patients were progression free after 6 months of treatment - how does that compare with THLD's pancreatic study?

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