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  • SMAC693 SMAC693 Dec 7, 2006 10:00 AM Flag

    Very encouraged after viewing Lazard presentation

    It looks like sound science to me, and the success rates are astonishing.

    My guess is that many of these big Pharma companies like Baxter are in the business of mass production and sales of drugs. They cannot afford to proceed with investigating every possible avenue. So, they sell licenses to companies like Threshold.

    Metabolic Targeting is probably nothing mysterious, THLD is simply trying glufo on other types of cancer (even though it may have failed on brain or other cancers).

    I think Glufosfamide will work. And, as someone pointed it, the Phase 2 in combo with Gemzar is probably more important because the market is already established for Gemzar. A sales person could approach a doctor using Gemzar to use glufo in addition to or perhaps to replace gemzar.


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    • SMAC--didnt see your question until now. I had the same questions about 2 weeks ago and went the same research path. Lazard presentation gives a bit of comfort that the science may work.While P2 is important I also focus on the fact that a CEO will no take it to P3 if there is nothing there.The science is compelling enough to persue.
      My major concern is the way management handled the TH-070 issue. Rightly or wrongly I felt blind sided.
      All IMHO

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      • Th070 was a total blind side. Side effects I can see, but after all that time and come up with it not being effective.....the only thing I could think of was that it wasn't effective at a safe dosage, which is acceptable, but if it just wasn't effective at all my question would be "what the h--- have you guys been smoking!!

    • I agree.

    • Actually, Baxter is more of a medical supply company - if you check their website, you'll see that they have very few products in the Oncology area, so Glufo was probably not a product that fit their strategic focus.

      THLD's investor presentation presents some nice pre-clinical data (i.e. in mice) supporting how it should work with Gemzar, so hopefully the PII results we will see this month will show consistent efficacy.

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