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  • valueinvestor1000 valueinvestor1000 Mar 3, 2012 1:22 PM Flag

    Every Single One Of The real Longs Here

    Its going to be pretty darn funny to watch the shorts panic when THLD does jump up in a big way. Look at them this past week when the share price dropped ever so slowly and it never did go as low as they wanted. What an amateur bunch.

    I didn't keep close tabs but this morning I scrolled through the past weeks posts. It was unbelievable how crazy they got. It also appeared the only ones reading their posts were other shorts. I think the long spend little or no time on the message board.Most seem to be comfortable with their investment in THLD and are sitting back waiting as long as necessary to reap profits.

    Boy will you see some crying soon. Its looking like THLD knows a few things that the rest of us have yet to learn. If you compare their recent news releases from old ones, the tone of the writing and interviews clearly has gone from forward looking, hopeful news to concrete, confident releases.They no longer seem to be telling us what they intend to do, but rather what they are going to do. They also have a ton of cash with which to follow through. I am willing to be that a large part of this is going to a manufacturer to increase production of TH-302 to meet demand.

    This of course is circumstantial, but the proof is in the trials. Its obvious that they have been on the right track for years and they have an effective treatment for pancreatic and other soft tissue cancers right now. Not tomorrow, not next year, but now. If I were a doctor with pancreatic cancer patients, I would have every one enrolling in trials as soon as possible.

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