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  • techtrader79 techtrader79 Jun 20, 2012 8:04 PM Flag

    THLD is shaping up to be the next PCYC.


    Baker Bros and Fidelity loaded up in the early days of PCYC, just like they did with THLD. Take a look at where PCYC is now, this is how it starts. Don't want to miss the run that ensues after it breaks $7.

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    • sxsess Jun 26, 2012 9:53 PM Flag

      Gale has much potential

    • Man, no on can take my place as the President of the Coulda Shoulda Woulda Club. I've held many stocks and sold way to early and I would to be retired if I hadn't gotten out- 40,000 SONS at .37. went to $10 a year later, 10K shares KMX at $3.50, $30 18 mos later, 25,000 ANCR at $5 5/16, went to $94, sold most at $40. Bottom line: if you believe in it, sit tight. My problem is I love to trade. Any other potential 10 baggers on your radar? GALE may be one...

    • THLD is your next PCYC. Just like PCYC, THLD has a one of a kind drug with broad application in oncology, with significant early results. And just like PCYC, all the big names - Baker Bros, Fidelity, etc. are piling in.

    • goBiotime, i understand how you feel. i had the opportunity to buy CELG and missed it. i would have retired. the first stock i ever purchased was AAPL at $10/share. had i held onto my shares, i would have made close to $6 million today. hopefully thld, pcyc (and another one of my small stocks SBFM), will make up for it. over the years, i have been very fortunate to get in on stocks before they exploded higher so it goes both ways sometimes

    • Bringing up PCYC stirs up nightmares for me....Back a few years ago, I had PCYC when it was between .95 and 1.05 a share...with very few outstanding shares, it was very didn't take much buying to have it go up 5%...There was an article on the Yahoo stock summary of PCYC that stated that a major holder wanted to buy 1,000,000 at $1 per share; the ask at the time was $.95....The persons name was Robert Duggan (I believe that was his name; I could research it), and he was a major holder of PCYC...I checked on his other major holdings, and he was on the Board of Directors of ISRG...and he was selling his stock, which was about $350 p/s, in large quantities, and buying up PCYC...I had about 10,000 shares at the time, and I told my wife that either this guy knew something, or he was crazy...I waited a couple of months, and when the shares were still low, I sold at around #1.25...I assumed that he didn't know as much as I thought he knew...I could have retired today! But instead, I played the day trader roll...I will NOT miss the opportunity with THLD...I will either make it or break it....If it does not receive Phase III approval, so be it...but if it does, I have no doubt it will be another PCYC....I was once told to NEVER sell all of a position...always hang on to some...I didn't realize how profound a statement that was...Good luck to you all, and remember: the smart money will not be in and out of Threshhold....they will inrease their position...2014 looks like a great year....

    • I own PCYC also.$80 PCYC is up 3.5$.
      Man if THLD does go like PCYC i will

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