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  • alan.greenscam alan.greenscam Jul 26, 2012 7:20 AM Flag

    wakey wakey.....

    .... Everyone, was l@@king ugly a little while ago... still 2 and a 1/2 hours to go before bell time.... everybody green except Shanghai, Taiwan & Bombay.... as for those Euro-pee-ons and the ECB (egregious central bankturds) anything can happen in a hiccup with those pathetic pukes..... lots and lots of earnings coming out before the bell, some already coming with hits and misses..... more after the ding ding ding today..... lots of economic news coming out as well on the home front throughout the day starting a couple of hours after the open.... gonna be a busy day, lots of reading to do learning schit sooooooooooooooo all the best out there today....... cheers all !!

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    • lol, ya you got it.... baa !!

    • oooooh you lucky guy, I was just thinking about something good to eat..... and a question, many many years ago and I mean many a new pub opened up, were introducing that Stella Artwat, aaah schit I mean Artois, and the bartender who I knew kept asking me to try that beer, said it was being served the way it was supposed to be served... I said ya ya, those taps they come out will kill it for sure but I said ok, lets try, Sir DD, it was the worst horsepissssssssss I ever had, wanted nine bux as I laffed and told him that there better be more head coming than what's just on the beer for that price....... just tell me as I have never touched one since..... does it hit the back of your throat and burn or does it still taste like drinking wet cardboard..
      .... I'm counting on ya now lol...... ??, clink, cheers!!

    • I'll check it out Alan. Clink. Cheers ! Here's to the sheep and Lemmings !

    • Chicken bakey.

    • Cheers Alan ! I'm actually in a nice restaurant sipping on a nice cold tapped Stella Artois !! Clink ! Here's to smart phones. Ha ha ha

    • Part two, got carried away on the other one.... just remember what I said before, this is psychological warfare at it's finest...... as a matter of fact, go to seeking alpha, I wrote a quick blog back in I believe in Oct/10, read it, same moniker, the blog...... and then think about it, let it sink in....... let me know lol....

    • yup, got this one, just had the same problem with a post to mustang...... As for the hate ons, I have plenty of that already, that's there problem tho for acting like idiots in the first place.... sure it's hard but if you really consider the post, the poster, it ain't worth the time.....
      people will generally give you a hard time when they don't understand something, there scared, fearful and instead of admitting to themselves that they don't know, and just ask, they get very assumptuous and they'll put on the facade not knowing that they actually look more stoopid lol..... sad, hilarious, depending on who but oooh so very true..... you have the banal bashers, useless, ignore, I chase them for my own reason, believe me, by the time they figure out why they never ever make money, they'll be dead, the pretentious princesses, I laff, ignore, pretentious plagiarizers, I laff, ignore etc etc you know where I'm going with this.....
      remember what I said about second guessing yourself.... ???
      It's a very much me first agenda out there today, want it all right now but nobody wants to lift a finger to help themselves never mind anyone else..... look at that flake that came on here the other day asking for something????, whatever it was, someone told him to just go to the THLD website..... uuuuh, duh dumbschit...... just remember this, if someone is trying to scare you, create doubt, make you second guess, he/she is more scared leaning more to being deceitful..... believe me, I've seen it a million times and when you get to know it, what to look for be it here or in the real world, you'll laff and not waste your time which in turn will build your confidence..... a fact Jack, remember the lemmings, sheeple etc lol...... as for me, I'm here, as I said, watching very carefully right now...... cheers Sir DD!!....

    • ,,,, I'll try again, I posted earlier mustang, saw it, gone now so I'll try a repeat.... sure it's a game, as for Europe, you bet it's a real problem, hosing everyone is an understatement, just blatant theft, deceit is what it is....
      I'll put it this way..... for years South America was the financial ginea pigs, test pilots of the IMF, World Bank etc etc... and because of them banks you know how poverty stricken those countries were...... up until they all got new gov'ts, paid off what was owing to the banks and then kicked them out....
      Right now, South America is the most prosperous continent on the planet,,,,, Brazil, going nutz, Venezula now the world's largest holder of oil reserves, and the list goes on going south..... you'll find now when reading something like the WSJ, advertizing to invest in S/America..... the flip side, Europe, Ireland, Greece, Spain, now effecting Germany, the wealthiest of all countries over there is the new South America for the central banks, IMF, World Bank, BIS etc etc..
      to use again as test dummies for more financial "control", more so for resources, War, and another one is coming, is the biggest investment for reward for those banks and others, it's huge business, they love war and when they lend out.... ooh, can't pay, ok, we'll take resources as in say, oil .... as for your investments Mustang, myself, up here, I won't touch nothing the gov't or a central bank is involved with..... and so far I've been right over time with all the propaganda over the years they push for people to get invested with them, notta hope with me and I can tell ya, a lot of people are finding out the hard way right now......
      hope this gives ya a little better insight on what's going on cuz i'll tell ya again, when understand all this deceitful schit.... the more you'll see..... and know to stay away from it..... cheers for now !!

    • I hope you stay Alan cause people are gonna start hating on me if not already. It's just hard to read all the stupid bullcrap sometimes. So many agendas. Sometimes you can clearly see it and sometimes it's so cleverly disguised that you second guess yourself . Example would be when the first quarter earnings came out on May 3. Someone posted about the HUGE LOSS and the DILUTION soon to follow. I had to read it a few times cause I was having trouble believing that a holder of THLD could be so stupid. I figured out that it was just some idiot using scare tactics. The sad part about it though is that it actually worked to some degree I'm sure. People buy stuff they don't understand for the quick turn around and a profit. I just wonder how long it takes people to figure out it doesn't work. Might as well go to Vegas and play slots or roulette . Second attempt at posting this Alan. The other one might be stuck in a satellite over China to pop out at some unforeseen time. Same thought but worded a little different.

    • Just curious as to what you think is going on? I don't scare easily. :)
      It looks like all smoke and mirrors to me the way the market is manipultated even THLD it isn't hard to see. So, the only choice sometimes is to play their game. Why the MMs hold this back or any is beyond me.

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