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  • daaytradenot159 daaytradenot159 Mar 25, 2013 2:51 AM Flag

    Pali vs TH-302

    F n Joke. Massive 14 million shares SHORT on Ziop's STS phase 3 PFS. Ridiculous BIG BOY game sucking in the Sheep and Lemmings. It's a sure set up for failure, watch and see.

    Use your BRAIN! What other Pro-Drug targets slow growing cancerous tumor cells. Cells that can adapt to a harsh environment with low or no oxygen. Cells that can continue to divide and grow with very little nutrients. Nutrients that must be supplied by Vasculature . Cut of the Vasculature with anti-angiogenics and the tumor dies right ??? Wrong. The tumor slows growth but continues to live and the cells switch to a more primitive form of converting energy into growth. Enter TH-302 which activates in this Hypoxic environment of slow cell growth. The result is a release of cytotoxic mustard gas deep in the tumor killing the slow growing cancer cells. The bystander effect kills more cells on the edge of the hypoxic region . The " Standard of Care " chemo drug should take care of the fast growing cancer cells in the oxygenated regions of the tumor . WRONG !! Those cells replicate so fast, they become " immune" to the 20-30 year old technology of the FDA approved chemotherapy :(.

    You can Bet your a. s. s. that THLD is working on a drug that will be a perfect match for TH-302. They may even be searching " Globally " for the perfect fit.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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