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  • joehall2020 joehall2020 Apr 22, 2013 3:12 PM Flag


    when is earnings and what are folks opinions about earnings target, etc.

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    • Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is expected to report earnings on 05/09/2013. The report will be for the fiscal Quarter ending Mar 2013.

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    • There are no earnings expected anytime over the next 3+ years as THLD is a developmental company with no products ready for sale over the next few years. The company is getting closer with 2 products in Phase 3 but they are not ready for sale and have to go through the FDA approval process. Many of their early stage candidates are in Phase 1 or 2 and are not being given much valuation in the marketplace as they are so early. This will help explain why the Fidelity & Vnguards of the world-------despite THLD's $100 million in cash from MerckAgA for developmental milestones----gives the company a market valuation of approx. $150 mil (net of cash) or about $2.70/share. THLD remains an attractive long-term spec stock in the biotech space. As far as management they are considered OK and fortunate as they don't have to seek financing anytime soon as their products are not ready for prime-time and they don't need any external funding at this time.

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      • You make me laugh so hard Timmy !! Half billion dollars worth of earnings coming down the pipe before THLD launches TH-302. Yes folks, if THLD sticks to the schedule, that is what they will EARN. They probably will not collect all of their milestone payments because more than likely, TH-302 will be a marketed product by then. They will more than likely begin collecting on shared profits sooner than later. At this point, they have the US market . Timmy go play . We all know that THLD has no product on the market yet. We also know that THLD continues to EARN multi-millions from milestones. We also know that THLD has EARNED 110 million dollars which continues to grow. Go play Timmy. Yaaaaaaawnnn. Strechhhhhh. ;)

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    • Earnings report will be very positive. It's a well managed company with strong financial backing. They were able to purchase technology last quarter. I'm sure more deals are in the pipe. The 70 percent co-development cost by Merck KGaA is huge. It allows for more exploration into finding compounds to treat a larger number of cancers. If you look underneath THLD's pipeline, you'll see multiple indications and tumor types.

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