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  • fellakutiransom fellakutiransom Apr 23, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    Made It!

    Over the last two weeks someone had bought shares with average price of $4.50, and today that someone sold to the LONGS with selling price between $4.70 and $4.82. Netting a profit from these sales of 6K. Thuse securing house and car payments for a couple of months!!

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    • Are you smoking CRACK !!! You sold to the " LONGS ". Ha ha ha ha. Excuse me ?!? Most of the " LONGS " on this board including myself were in over a year ago !!!! That's why we are called LONGS !!! What is wrong with you ??????? Ha ha ha ha ha

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • 1. Most devoted LONGS can not resist buying more shares of the same stock to make up for their paper losses as they truly believe that the stock will ultimately go up.
        2. They also hold on to their shares very tightly thus helping the stock price to up............therefore, any seller or daytrader has better chance of selling his shares with expected day to day price fluctuation based on the market trends..
        3.Fewer sellers creates a great oppuertunity for the daytraders.
        Should I keep going...............

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