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  • Can we just hit $6 already? Bouncing between 5.50 and here is getting irritating. Patience, I guess. I Should jus just be happy we didn't wake up to a major sell off today (well, so far anyways).What was yesterday's mid-day pop about anyways?

    Good Luck

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    • Would have been nice to bounce around above 5.50. The action the past week is disgusting..prop it up to have Jaeger sell off whatever remaining shares he can. Any upside to the upcoming milestone payment has been severely diminished and we will likely be lucky to be anywhere near 6 again once it is announced

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      • You're going to have to have more patience as virtually no professional investors or analysts are focused on THLD at the moment. Some laugh when insiders dump 4.5 mil shares as if it doesn't matter but it doesn't play well when people see that those same insiders sold last fall before the stock got cut almost in half (and has yet to recover). A small milestone isn't going to catch any interest if the larger ones last year didn't.
        Hopefully you have other names in the sector that are doing well as the biotechs have been on fire. I still think THLD has a good shot at possibly doubling over the next year if they can possibly surprise people on the upside.

      • Time for TAP to exit. Their job is done and they probably have no more influence with company affairs . Merck KGaA pulls the strings to the tune of 100 million in milestones paid out so far and 70 percent co-development costs. Merck is not so much worried about stock price as compared to progress. No fluffy PRs coming, only pertinent to the point announcements.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Relax----this stock has significantly underperformed over the last year & is just now starting to have a shot at uplifting results. Despite daily pumping by rookie there has not been enough clinical data to get any of the institutional biotech investors who follow this sector closely to take a position & move the stock. As I have noted on numerous occasions that group will be happy to pay up when THLD is able to produce statistically meaningful results. By taking a position at $5 you are shouldering the burden of when & if this little developmental play it be a favorable risk/reward for current holders. This stock has the ability to double in value over the next 6-12 moths so take it easy. Don't mind the daily "noise" you read by rookie pumper & let your emotions get the best of you, as if you expect daily results seem in many other biotechs----who have RESULTS & institutional sponsorship.

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