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  • watcher_2163 watcher_2163 Aug 16, 2013 9:47 AM Flag

    Holding your breath???

    This board sure has gone silent, guess you are all holding your breath ............
    good buying opportunity.........

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The only news. Of late has been the good timing of insiders selling 4.5 million shares and no ci
      Or responding purchases. Markets do not like seeing insiders so aggressively sell---for whatever reasons they have---especially at little spec plays.

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      • tim, why do you keep on harping on insider sells and how this spooks the market. i highly doubt the market is selling b/c they are spooked. insider sells all the time (spec play or not) and it doesn't always result in consistent downward pressure on the stock. have it ever occurred to you the downward price pressure is the result of something else. e.g. mm driving up vol? perception of this investment being dead money? hedge funds shaking out weak hands?

        as for insiders, we all have our own reasons for investing and they are no different. the only thing we can conclude from the sales is that they felt the need to reduce their position (in this case take HUGE profits) and that there are no pending material news.

        you seem to have been in this sector for a long time. it should be of no surprise to you then that there is no sure thing no matter how strongly you might feel about the science and data. So, why would the market be spooked by some smart insider taking some profit when history has shown how fleeting paper gains can disappear in these sort of "spec play".

        if you're long, the only thing that matter is the science and data. not the stock price, not the dilution, not what bloggers say, not what options management is getting, not b/c insiders are selling/buying.

        i've been around this space for a long time. as long as the science and data pans out, you'll eventually make a WHOLE LOT of money if you've bought cheap and hold strong.


    • Taking out the sheep and lemmings stops loss orders. :)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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